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  1. Hi mindstorm how can I use this code? Just paste it in the init? I could not get this to work. Also, could the second decloak part of the script be modified so that instead of the predator unit decloaking for a second, it takes damage instead. So, like Predator setdamage {getDamage Predator} +0.01; to simulate the damage done by bullets. Also, instead of applying the damage to all units, how do I just apply it to either all opfor units or a unit names Predator? I believe this code is on the right track to what i'm looking for. Cheers.
  2. Just tested it and confirmed it does not work. What about some kind of Trigger or something that detects bullets close by the _unit? Something like Bullet Distance Predator <0.5, Predator setdamage getdamage Predator +0.01 If you get what i mean? Do I really need to go to all the trouble to make the player Hide Object True, spawn a dog in, set it's texture to nothing (because you can), attach it to the Predator, Group it to the Predator, annd when the dog dies the predator goes down with it all over again? ;P The work arounds are real...
  3. I don't understand how this works exactly? I put a Blufor Present Trigger over my character and put {Player hideSelection [_x, true]} forEach selectionNames Player; and nothing at all happened? What is this meant to do exactly? Cheers.
  4. Hide object works fine, it's just that he doesn't take bullet damage when shot at.
  5. Hmm. Is there no way to completely retexture a model as nothing? You can do this with a Dog. But not a man? And, also noticed something weird. When I removed my characters clothes, those textures that did change to invisible, changed right back. E.g. I got his legs to be invisible and then removing clothes made his legs visible again.
  6. What is wrong with asking both here and there? I'd like to create a Predator mission. An invisible man that stalks his prey on Tanoa. The idea is that one team must use their senses (other than eyes) to kill it. Right now, they cannot even if they directly shoot it. I created this predator mission a while back for Arma 3. I'd like to give it another crack on Tanoa with some much better scripting.
  7. Hey guys, I'd like to know how to make an invisible man take regular damage? You can't set all of the infantry unit to have no texture (face and some clothes still show) and using hideobject true makes them immune to gun fire (but funny enough, not explosions). I need an invisible man that can take regular damage by guns etc. Anyone know how to do this? Cheers
  8. This works for players but not for AI. Does anyone know if there is a workaround for AI? I'm assuming it's because getCameraViewDirection is for players only. Cheers
  9. Hey Guys. Here is the working script! Not sure if it works for AI though. Thanks for all your help. 0 = [100] spawn { params ["_speed"]; _bullet = "Land_canteen_f" createVehicle position player; _bullet setPosATL (player modelToWorld[0.23,1,1]); _vel = velocity player; _dir = direction player; _bullet setVelocity ((getCameraViewDirection player) vectorMultiply _speed) }
  10. Ok so just tried this: _velocity = eyeDirection player vectorMultiply _initial_speed; _molly = createVehicle ["Land_Canteen_F", ASLToAGL eyePos player, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _molly setVelocity ((eyeDirection (_this select 0)) vectorMultiply 100) And the item simply falls to the ground. With your first example, it seems like the item spawns in front of the players eyes and launches however looking up does not launch it upwards. So, still in a straight line. Anything else we can try? Thanks for your help.
  11. Gonna try this now. How do you set the speed (distance) of spawned item?
  12. Hi Saro, is this the complete script? As in, do I need to do anything else once I put in the Vehicle class name? So something like... _initial_speed = 100; _velocity = eyeDirection player vectorMultiply _initial_speed; _molly = createVehicle ["Land_canteen_f", ASLToAGL eyePos player, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _molly setVelocity _velocity; Player switchmove "Amovaksdnsddonorwhateveritis" Damage attachTo [_Molly,[0, 0, 0]];
  13. Hi Saro. How would I incorporate that into this? Or rewrite this with your suggestion? Thanks for the help. Bullet = "Land_canteen_f" createVehicle position player; Bullet setpos getpos Player; Bullet setPosATL (Bullet modelToWorld[0.23,1,1]); Bullet setDir getDir Player _vehicle = Bullet; _vel = velocity _vehicle; _speed = 100; _dir = direction _vehicle; _vehicle setVelocity [(_vel select 0)+(sin _dir*_speed),(_vel select 1)+ (cos _dir*_speed),(_vel select 2)]; Damage attachTo [bullet,[0, 0, 0]];