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  1. syncie

    Respawn help

    Thanks for the tips. I first tried the respawnOnStart and that works ok! Didn't know that option, works also with the ACE3 module.
  2. sitrep (multiplayer coop mission with ACE3 on) I want to do a insertion by a vehicle (let's say a heli) and one soldier brings a respawntent with him. If the tent get's destroyed or for whatever reason it must be possible to respawn on base. The ACE module (for respawn) is on the map. If you die (and tent is deployed) you can choose in a popup window where to respawn..tent or base. Works fine, respawn is in front of the tent or exactly on the spot where i placed the ace3 respawn module on the map. problem: At the start of the mission i spawn on the base spot instead of in the vehicle. I want to start the mission in a vehicle (for the insertion) and after that i want to respawn on base or tent (if deployed). If it's possible without the ace3 respawn module it's ok too. Description.ext: //respawn = "BASE"; respawn = 15; respawnTemplatesWest[] = {"MenuPosition"}; Any ideas?
  3. I like to think of it as a punishment for dying =) haha, ok fair. I understand you want to keep the script simple but one other option I prefer (but that's how I think about it) is that reviving costs 1 FAK. One from your own inventory or you can take a FAK from the person that you are reviving. When playing coop with friends i see that we are more aware of the amount of fak's we have left. Also strategy changes with less FAK's. But no idea if that makes your/the script less simple ;-)
  4. Do you keep your gear after revive/suicide? Sorry for asking instead of testing but I tested more revivescripts and all scripts have their pluses and minuses. One of the most important features for me is that you get revived with the gear as it was when you died. So no default gear or the gear where you have started with. f.e: when you die with only 5 bullets left you get revived with only 5 bullets.
  5. Removed the link to the video. I was just helping and thought it could be handy.
  6. On the Airstrip, I tried a default A3 plane and it worked ok, I didn't taxi it though, just started it on the runway. It could be an issue with the roads, or it could be an issue with that C130. I'll try to have a look. Yes you are right, the A143 went ok. A bit of challenge to land btw... when you come in over sea :-) Just some personal thougts; I find the runwayplates from the older arma version terrible...my eyes want to focus/sharpen them but that's not gonna happen ;-) or :-( I see those runways in other maps too and i can imagine that in a dessertmap it's maybe nicer to have those instead of the asphalt runways (except if it's a large airport). Why not give the airport near Paraiso the asphalt runways from A3? I saw these pieces of runway in another mod/editor.
  7. When walking on the airstrip near the city of Paraiso i almost don't hear my footsteps..not that important but when i walk on the gras between the two strips I suddenly hear myself walking on stones/concrete? (no other mods active) When I have the C130 EBU active and try to taxi from in front of the hangars or when I try to take off on the runway the plane dissapear with the tail into the ground and the nose goes up.
  8. syncie

    X-Cam prototype map

    Will there be an Airport (civilian/militairy) on the map? and airstrips or any other militairy area's? I already saw a roadblock in one of the images. pretty good.
  9. syncie


    @Tavish Thanks for mentioning it. The spawned floating was a stupid one...pffff..too many hours editing ;-) I think the errors you mentioned must be fixed now.
  10. Very nice map. Little issue over here: Grid:059093
  11. Special Boat Service template. This template is identical to my other template (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?183777-DEVGRU_Hangar-Template. In that template i used a Hangar from where you can start your missions. In this one it's a LHD (amphibious assault ship): USS Khe Sanh from Chortles. I also changed the US SEALS for the British SBS, those addons from Massi are great to play with. I prefer to make my missions with a maximum of 3 requirements/addons...couldn't manage it this time because i wanted crewmembers on the deck for the ambience. You can place the LHD where ever you want on the map. You also can setup or load your gear on it, it has VAS 2.6 (Credits Tonic) and ASOR Gear Selector (Credits Lecks). You need 4 Addons: UK Special Forces by Massi -->http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19345 NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons by Massi (above addon requires this one) -->http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21912 LHD (amphibious assault ship): USS Khe Sanh by Chortles -->http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26196 Flight Deck Crew Personnel byHazel & BGirlTray -->http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26877 Watch your Step: Don't walk to close to the walls on the LHD...you can get stuck. Sometimes that also happend with the stairs. That behaviour comes with the LHD addon and not the template. I placed some planes/heli's/speedboats for the ambience, if you want to place the LHD somewhere else just remove them or check their locations on the map. Speedboats don't do great on land ;-) Download ZIP: SBS-template.Altis.zip or Download PBO: SBS-template.Altis.pbo Ah..a last note: I know it's not perfect ...but hey it's free of use..change whatever you want. ==============================================- Update to 1.01 (fixed some errors) Links to the pbo and zip are pointing to the updated versions.
  12. @A.Cyprus well it's available :-) The DVS100/110 for example. Brochure in pdf: http://www.nivisys.com/en/uploads/MUM-14_Manual_ENG.pdf
  13. @Lightspeed_aust Which script are you using now? Do you like to share it with other arma 3 players? and does it snow inside or not?
  14. I know there are already some rescue heli's in other mods but i would like to see one that has a neutral skin. So you can use it in the BlueFor faction and you can use it in whatever faction addon (German, French etc etc) you prefer. I often see some cool desinged vehicles/planes but there within a larger addon. So if you want to use one vehicle you have to install the complete addon. And it's also a bit odd to use a nice designed Strider vehicle that comes with a German faction addon and has the German markings and your player unit is from a Norwegian addon (because you live in Norway:-)) So a heli that looks something like this would be nice in my opinion: Maybe some medevac markings or the words Coast Guard on it would be great. Main language ingame is still English for most user I assume so "Coast Guard" is not that bad. We must be able to distinguish the heli from a civilian one. Like Tybo25 also mentioned: Looking good man! I hope you stay motivated!
  15. Yes, got it working. Pretty cool, the flooding and the airbubbles are great. I'm not sure why it works now and yesterday it doesn't..maybe it's saturdaybug on my site ;-) @Theodog88 That is a huge banner/signature you got there. ;)