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  1. I was sooooo absolutely sure that I saw a post with a code that disabled AI pathfinding so that they would move from waypoint to waypoint in a perfectly straight line, irrespective of objects. Unfortunately I spent the last hour looking for it and was unable to find anything close. Every related post is some one complaining about the pathfinding.... Some one please tell me I'm not crazy and there is such a command!!!
  2. Thank you both! Saved me a lot of frustration...
  3. I have. The problem with it is im trying to damage specific buildings in specific ways, and BIS_fnc_destroyCity destroys things randomly
  4. I googled it a bunch but could not find anything about it im trying to give some units a couple of m203 white smoke shells "1Rnd_Smoke_M203" but when I try it they have purple smoke shells, not white...... this is really annoying, does any1 with ace mod have this problem?
  5. So no one knows a way to remove a map object without leaving a dead version of it? (when "hideObject true" wont work) EDIT Im working on a different mission and im having the same problem Ive tried hideObject deleteCollection setDamage (leaves big ugly corpse version) deleteVehicle getPos/setPos Ive tried triggers, gamelogics, scripts but NOTHING works!!! y is it so hard to delete a goddam market stall??!?!?!?!?!?
  6. Bump.... So no one knows how to leave a destroyed map object without playing its death animation?
  7. Im creating a battlefield with blown up buildings and vehicles, and I wish to spread living units through out it (within half destroyed houses and such) This is for a 4 player coop campaign so these things need to work for MP The mission begins with the players car flipped over by an IED, and their convoy already under attack The Problem: When the houses are destroyed, they tend to kill/damage units in and around them. Also huge plumes of smoke wont fully clear for over a minute! Im currently using a ton of gamelogics to destroy the houses. I would like to just create a script to handle this, but it doesn't seem to work... (If you know another way, PLEASE let me know) Ex. gamelogic init hous1 = (position this nearestobject 1767); hous1 enableSimulation false; hous1 setHit ["dam1", 1]; hous1 setHit ["dam2", 1]; hous2 = (getPos this nearestObject 7012); hous2 enableSimulation false; hous2 setDamage 1; Unfortunately "enableSimulation false" wont work like this for either setHit or setDamage ANY ideas or suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated! thanks for reading EDIT: was going to ask other questions but I think it can wait
  8. thx for reply, but im new to this and dont understand how to use the code u gave me. i tried this private ["_tur","_tar"]; _tur = _this select 0; _tar = _this select 1; _tur doWatch _tar; _tur doTarget _tar; sleep 3; { _x setpos getpos [0,0,0];sleep 0.5;deleteVehicle _x } forEach (crew _tur); {deleteVehicle _x} forEach (crew _tar)+[_tar]; _tur setDamage 1; but got Error getPos Type Array expected object,location i tried doGetOut but then { deleteVehicle _x } forEach (crew _tur); still doesnt delete them thanks in advance
  9. [RESOLVED] Here's a good way to create a dead vehicle with a rotated turret facing and invisible target! turretdir.sqf Create your unit, for example a manned ZU-23 Name: Tur1 Init Field: nul = [Tur1, Tar1] execVM "turretdir.sqf"; Create your Target Unit, for example a US MQ-9 For a tank use a tank, for an AA gun, use an aircraft (I think it helps but I could be crazy) Name: Tar1 Init Field: this setPos [position this select 0, position this select 1, 50]; this disableAI "MOVE"; hideObject this; Adjust accordingly and enjoy!
  10. Also would using ACE decrease playability too much? Please folks, any input would be nice!!!
  11. Ok so I've got 3 objects I want to remove from the map because I need the space they take up to be empty. A trash pile, village well, and a wood cart. Through searching I found I could delete the village well (or any other building) using a Game Logic with this in the Init Field (getPos this nearestObject 30971) hideObject true; I found that I could destroy the trash pile (trees, bushes, buildings and some other things) with this in an Init Field (getPos this nearestObject 30610) setDamage 1; but when i do this, it leaves a "dead" trash pile behind which looks really ugly. anyone know of a way to fix this??? The wood cart has me COMPLETELY stumped Apparently its indestructible (believe me, I tried really hard lol), and the hideObject command will not work on it (or the trash) its the same object under Empty; Objects; Wood Cart (Only diff is its indestructible) its map id is 30611, and its on Takistan If someone could help me with this I would be incredibly grateful. Thanks for your time to anyone who bothered reading
  12. no, it is a pre-existing wall with a doorway, the boxes are placed objects that cant be walked through by players, the AI on the other hand...