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  1. So I've been thinking about playing some warfare against the AI, but since its a MP mission I would need to play it in one sitting or leave my computer on when I take breaks. Roughly how long will a warfare game take on an island like South Sahrani?
  2. PelicanDynasty

    Possible to play Arma 1 or OFP campaign in coop?

    That does appear to be the OFP campaign in co-op, although I haven't tried it myself. As far as I know nobody has made a conversion for the ArmA 1. :( For missions the only one I can think of for A2 is Cipher, but more can be found here: http://www.armaholic.com/list.php?c=arma2_files_scenarios_mpmissions If you have basic skills with the editor you could also go to MP->Wizards and set up a Secops Module, and whatever else you want and do some co-op dynamic missions. A1 missions can be found here: http://www.armaholic.com/list.php?c=arma2_files_scenarios_mpmissions Also you can play some warfare with a few friends against the AI. OFP co-op missions can be found all over the place, but I like the ones from here: http://tactical.nekromantix.com/ofp/missions.php Good luck, those should keep you occupied, and there is plenty more if you need it.
  3. PelicanDynasty

    Crouching Too Tiring?

    I've never walked around with gear on like that, but I did play catcher for a long time. If you do get tired from that kind of stuff its your legs, you wouldn't start gasping for air. Is there a way to turn down the sound without lowering all the voices?
  4. Wow, I searched all over for a PC thread and didn't notice the one right above where I put mine :p Anyway, my specs are: Windows 7 64-bit Intel HD Graphics 6 GB of RAM Intel CPU G620 2.6GHz Processor Not a PC built for games, I know, but I'm trying to playing Armed Assault, not A2 or A3. Now, the way I see it is that my computer can run all the calculations and stuff just fine, even on very complex missions. The problem is that if I try to increase my resolution I instantly get a crap framerate. Correct me if I'm wrong but that would require a better graphics card, in order to take the load off the computer, right? So if that's the case, what is a nice cheap card that can run A1 at 1920x1080 with medium settings. I know that's specific goal, but I don't have any plans to play PC games so that is the only thing I want the card for. Also, thanks for the quick lesson on this stuff Nod. :D
  5. So I'm pretty dang new to computers, especially the idea of playing games on them, but I have got some extra money and can upgrade my machine a little bit. So I want to ask, in order to play ArmA with higher settings(I run A1 at low res on medium, would like to run medium at max res, same for A2:Free) I would need a better video card right? I'm sure this is about as dumb as questions get but I want to make sure. I know for some games it would be better to improve my GPU and stuff, but for Arma in particular(its basically all I play), and all I want to do is increase the resolution to 1920x1080. This would require a better video card, right? And if it does can anyone recommend a good one for this purpose. Again, I'm sure this is one of the dumbest questions in human history, but I am pretty new to computers so I have an excuse(sort of)
  6. PelicanDynasty

    Crouching Too Tiring?

    So is this a bug or something? Whenever I crouch walk me and my squad get really tired. My aim gets all wonky and the breathing noises of a 12 man squad are really annoying. Is there a fix to this?
  7. PelicanDynasty

    ArmA2, how do I even play?

    Hey, welcome to the forums. :cool:/ The biggest thing I can recommend is to practice up your game. Try downloading Flashpoint: Chernaurus and Flashpoint: Utes, it is sort of like a battle setup wizard, and you can practice with squads, all sorts of weapons and vehicles and you can respawn. Aiming is very different from a conventional shooter. Try and look where your shots are landing, and keep in mind your sights are zeroed for an average range, so if you are really close you will need to aim below them. I would say play on difficulty 2 out of 4, although make some changes to it(such as not showing yourself on the map). Hills are your biggest advantage, always take the high ground. And yes, the enemy is not effected by grass, but they are effected by bushes and trees and I think shade(don't quote me on that one). So lying down in a bush far away can be good, but try not to engage if you are outnumbered by more than a few people, or they will get you first. Lastly, pick your targets wisely. Machinegunners are a huge threat so take them out first, and you are much more likely to survive. Once you get in the hang of things you will be killing from even further than 300m. This is coming from an average at best player, just keep trying because this series is fantastic. Good luck!
  8. PelicanDynasty


    Ok, before you ask, I have searched the forums on this and haven't found anything, and the wiki description is confusing. How do you set the ACM intensity? I tried creating a dynamic patrol mission, and while the towns were populated with people and cars, in an hour of wandering I saw 2 helicopters and nothing else. I kind of suck with the editor, so if someone could explain like I was 5 years old it would be appreciated. Also, not sure if this belongs here or in the editing forum, my bad if its wrong.
  9. PelicanDynasty

    Editing Downloaded Missions

    Happy to be here :) Anyway, I managed to open the .pbo and put it in the \profile\missions folder and booted up the editor and got a CTD. No message though. Edit: Nevermind, I did it. Had to decrypt it first. Thanks for the help mate.
  10. PelicanDynasty

    Editing Downloaded Missions

    I know there are some other threads on this, but I still can't understand it. I need it because when I play Abandoned Armies, I spawn with no weapon(so if you've had that happen a fix for it is appreciated) But in general it's something I want to do for a lot of missions but can't figure out.