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  1. There's more than a few bugs I have that are irking the hell out of me. First: I used to be able to click next to an enemy, have the knife icon appear, click the icon, and then auto move & knife. Now, I can not do this, nor can I use the the healing icon in this way. Second: If my soldier has all 4 equipment slots filled and uses a weapon with a silencer, then the usable item selection in-game is nothing but some garbled icon that adds/removes the silencer. No medkits or grenades appear, despite showing in the tray of icons above the soldier's info plate. Third: Sometimes enemies (as well as my soldiers) shoot through walls. In the 1st mission of the 2nd campaign, there was an enemy with a rifle, on lower level catwalks, shooting my soldiers through the bridge. This just ****ed me as I spent about 30 minutes clearing my way to the end of the bridge, killing all but him, then right before I begin to make my way to him, he caps 3 of my soldiers through the bridge. Four: Is the displayed accuracy the real accuracy? I seem to consistently miss on 79% or less, and only miss a handful of 85%+. 3 rounds of nothing but misses on 85%+ per shot is so annoying. All of these issues combined into my gameplay is agitating. I bought the game so I could play it, not to get pissed off because I can't play it.