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  1. Ok, too bad, thank you anyway ;)
  2. Hi guys, since an hour I've been searching in A3 files to find the proper Steerable_Parachute_F configuration to make a new black texture for the main sail. Well, it can be found in air_f_beta.pbo : class Steerable_Parachute_F: Paraglide { author = "$STR_A3_Bohemia_Interactive"; _generalMacro = "Steerable_Parachute_F"; scope = 1; displayName = "$STR_A3_CfgVehicles_Steerable_Parachute_F0"; thrustDeccel = -2.000000; thrustNormal = 5.000000; thrustAccel = 15.000000; minRotationZ = -0.400000; maxRotationZ = 0.400000; minRotationX = -0.400000; maxRotationX = 0.400000; maxSensitivityHorizontal = 0.050000; maxSensitivityVertical = 0.050000; deltaValueVertical = 0.001000; deltaValueHorizontal = 0.001000; turnForceScale = 0.042000; minGravity = -1.000000; normalGravity = -3.000000; maxGravity = -4.000000; distanceLevel1 = 20.000000; distanceLevel2 = 40.000000; minLiftThrust = -40.000000; maxLiftThrust = -10.000000; minLiftDuration = 1.000000; maxLiftDuration = 4.000000; liftThreshold = 0.990000; airInfluence = 0.990000; liftGravity = -40.000000; openingTime = 5.000000; duration = 2.000000; unitInfoType = "RscUnitInfoParachute"; }; From the begining : AllVehicles > Air > Helicopter > ParachuteBase > ParachuteWest > Paraglide and finally : Steerable_Parachute_F. The thing is, none of them have any kind of hiddenSelections or hiddenSelectionsTextures... Even in game, the setObjectTextureGlobal doesn't work on the parachute. So do I need to understand that the steerable parachute can't be retexture? It would be sad... PS : you can use https://configs.arma3.ru/155.133137-cup1/configfile/CfgVehicles/Steerable_Parachute_F.htmlfor help. Thank you, regards.
  3. Hi guys, I'm currently working on a script and I want to know if there is a way to detect if a player stands in light? Do you have any idea to detect that? :) Thank you. Regards, Mercier.
  4. It works! Thank you MrSanchez, you've been a great help! Thank you too donelsarjo for taking time to look into. _groups = parseNumber (_this select 1); :) :) :)
  5. My game is in French so I guess the error intel is "String type, number, not a number expected" _groups is defined like this : In my module config : class groups { displayName = "Number of groups"; description = "Define the number of groups."; typeName = "TEXT"; defaultValue = "2"; }; then in the script : _logic = (_this select 0); [blablabla] _groups = (_logic getVariable "groups"); [blablabla] for [{_i=1},{_i<=_groups},{_i=_i+1}] do {...} When I write hint format ["%1",_groups] in the loop, _groups is correctly define. I'm lost x)
  6. Hello guys, I've got a problem to create a spawning units module. To be short, there is an error when I'm trying to launch a loop in my script. In fact, this code works at any time but when I launch it through a module configuration, this code doesn't work. for [{_i = 1}, {_i <= #_groups}, {_i = _i + 1}] do {blablabla...} # is the error position shown in game. So, it works when _groups isn't a variable but a number. If I write {_i <= 5}, it works... So I concluded that my variables are not correctly broadcasted. How can I do that correctly? I tried with private "_groups", nothing changes. Of course, _groups is already define in that same script. I also tried with for "_i" from 0 to _groups step 1 do {...} Same thing... Thank's guys.
  7. Hi there, I've been working on a module since yesterday, its goal is to help the missionmakers in my team to spawn enemies in a sector (around the module's position). Anyway, my scripts work, all of them, when they are launched with the init.sqf for exemple. But when I try to execute them through the module, I've got an error... First, let's show you the scripts. config.cpp - http://pastebin.com/YkpUiLKh fn_moduleInit.sqf - http://pastebin.com/ScQPxvgN patrol_spawn.sqf - http://pastebin.com/QqR7jLBb And the error... So, I can't figure out how the script can't get through the module but, still, can work through init.sqf for exemple... The thing is, my patrol_spawn.sqf works because when I write for exemple hint "test", it shows up in game. I tried a lot of stuff and I'm running out of ideas here so please, if you have the solution, help me :D Regards.
  8. Hello guys, I've been dealing with a particular problem with Zeus since a few weeks ago. When we join the mission, guys and I can't use Zeus if we don't go back to the assignation room and reconnect again. It's like Zeus is unavailable at the start on the mission. I've been using Zeus since its release so I know how to use the modules and its synchronisation, I'm pretty sure the problem is not relative to the modules. I'm also using an edited ADV Zeus version : _curator = (_this select 0); while {true} do { { _curator addCuratorEditableObjects [[_x], true]; } forEach allUnits; _curator addCuratorEditableObjects [vehicles, true]; _curator addCuratorEditableObjects [(allMissionObjects "Man"), true]; _curator addCuratorEditableObjects [(allMissionObjects "Air"), true]; _curator addCuratorEditableObjects [(allMissionObjects "Ammo"), true]; _curator addCuratorEditableObjects [(allMissionObjects "All"), true]; sleep 5; }; So maybe you guys are aware of this problem and know how to fix it...or not. Thank's, regards.
  9. Hello guys, I'm a missionmaker for a french team (A-TEAM) on ARMA 3 and I'm currently working on a mission using this amazing map. Someone told me that a nuclear bomb is trigged after few hours of playing. I'm talking here about the A3MP Namalsk Lite, not a DayZ version or any version using an external .sqf script in the mission. So, my question is : is there any nuclear bomb effect script compiled in this map? If so, is there a way to disable it so I can play a mission during few hours using this map without be disturbed by an unwanted nuclear bomb who kills every players? I looked into the @namalsk folder to find a bomb script, without success. My first thought was "There is no nuclear explosion trigged after few hours" but some of my team members told me that there is in fact one. We know that this map was mainly created for this Crisis campaign including a nuclear explosion. We also know that in the Dayz Namalsk version, there is a nuclear explosion avec few hours. Is there a variable or something I can change in my init.sqf to disable this explosion? It would be a disaster for my mission if this explosion happen after a couple of hours Thanks, regards.