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  1. Hello, Been playing AT for few days and I enjoy it. However some bugs/issues are ruining the gameplay a lot. Not sure if Devs are playing the game ;) The most disturbing issue for me is "Line of sight" shooting - enemies are able to shoot at you through walls, roof, ceiling etc. You can see this bug in the first mission of "Operation No Deal" campaign. I'm getting shot by enemy that could hardly see me, because of the bridge construction. They can even hit you from the lower floor while bullets are going through material like bridge floor(metal, concrete, etc) Silly hmmm? And as the enemy is able to shoot at you, you get only message "not in line of sight" if you trying to shoot back, how come? So would like to ask, is there anything like bug report? Could not find this kind of thread on forum or anywhere else ;O Improvement / Suggestions thread would be nice too. I'm playing game on PC, version 1.2677 , btw any idea why is Steam showing me latest news - hotfix for version 1.2667 ? With a few new feature this game can be really good and entertaining.
  2. Hello, If anyone is playing Survive campaign and mission Radio Silence. Can you confirm? Seems that Mortar crew is pretty blind. Tried like 15x times to set them coordinates to destroy towers. Only once they hit tower 3, the rest of .....goes nowhere doing 0.000000 damage. Very useful support... Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? Been using map or visual guiding - no change.
  3. kominikx

    Tipping point mission

    From the start to the end of "Survive" campaign - difficulty set to Regular. The only one reason is godlike AI as you all mentioned. It's not worth of my patience, nerves and time to play on higher difficulty. Even playing on Regular, I remember times being one shot by enemy 200 - 300m away - from time to time. Have to say that idea of first campaign is very good even with few *facepalm* features. Like being unable to enter any vehicle in last mission? (Firing range) huh? Or that amazing artillery shells and lastly the guy behind the minigun on the boat ;)
  4. kominikx

    Arma Tactics - Issues

    Just found out that "Grenade Multikill" archviement is probably bugged. In one mission I killed two soldiers with a grenade twice and nothing ;O
  5. kominikx

    Blowing Stuff Up

    Sorry, you have to get your whole team close to AA guns. ;) Derek will just disable it automatically.
  6. kominikx

    Blowing Stuff Up

    Just get Derek close to it ;)