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  1. thank you for your reply.. but i already wrote my UID in admins.sqf. when i press U it appears no admin menu. thats my problem.. i dont want to disturb joschaap, i think he has enough to do.
  2. hello guys, iam completely new to this community and decided to set up a dedicatet arma server. now i got a few questions to you professional coder guys. i downloaded the dedicated version via steamcmd. so good, so far.. in addition iam using TADST to create a dedicated server session. until this time everything runs fine.. now i decided to run GoTs Wasteland v2.3. i downloadet the *.pbo and copied it to MPMISSIONS. furthermore i decompressed the folder addons (proving grounds i.e..), client, server and the rest of the stuff to the main arma3 directory. i added my UID to the server\admins.sqf. when i try to create a server with TADST (i selected in missions the *.pbo, but nothing in mods tab) i have the problem that the server dont detect me as admin. i dont know how to solve this probem. (this is my main problem) another thing.. i installed the @iniDB at arma directory, select it in TADST but it does not run. i have the right folders like the manual told me. iniDB/addons/iniDB.pbo iniDB/db iniDB/iniDB.dll. i wrote in my init.sqf at arma3 directory the following code. "call compile preProcessFile "\iniDB\init.sqf"" can somebody help me??