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    A question to the long-term future of our community

    I just use each OS for what it's best at. Doing anything else is idiotic. I use Linux for servers (sometimes for virtual windows servers), Windows for gaming, and iOS or android for couch computing. You can use whatever you feel like at home, but in an enterprise environment you are going to run the full range of systems (except Apple products) due to the various vendors you work with. I've never seen a facility with more than 250 computers that are not using Microsoft for AD, exchange etc.
  2. wreckington

    PhysX3_x86.dll Crash

    Thanks for the update. I have something to look forward to for tonight.
  3. wreckington

    Why to people play so much Life and Wasteland?

    I don't really understand the Life servers. I walked around as a cop harassing citizens with direct communication near the starting area but it seems like a whole lot of nothing going on. I guess what I am looking for is something similar to battlefield 2 with the ARMA 3 engine :D
  4. wreckington

    What Graphic Card for my new i5 4570?

    GTX 780 seems pretty awesome.
  5. I've got an old i7 920 @ 3.4 and SLI GTX570s and it seems to run pretty well. Better than I expected considering my old CPU. I am getting ready for a new build and it's easy to see why the PC enthusiast market has tanked. It's like 2500.00 just for a new CPU, MB, GPUs, RAM and PSU. And the build I am looking at is not what I would consider top end.
  6. wreckington

    What MP game-mode do you play the most?

    I'm pretty new to A3, but so far I like King of the Hill servers the best. I don't really like the player vs. bot servers. Wastelands seems pretty fun when you have a team. I got the game one day prior to the patch that causes the physx crash so I don't have a lot of experience with the other game types.