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  1. timmo1982

    Terrain Test - An Idea For Wide Range Testing

    A lot of the work in making maps isn't sourcing the terrain or aerial imagery, that's moderately easy, it's creating or sourcing all the regional specific trees models and textures, building models and textures and other object models and textures.
  2. timmo1982

    AI spot too fast, what to do?

    Are you new to the game CommanderX? ARMA does require a very different play style to what you may be used to in other games (i.e. a lot more scanning your surroundings, no running and gunning etc)
  3. timmo1982

    bug on changing render distance ?

    There is a difference between object distance view settings and terrain distance view settings. Did you increase both?
  4. timmo1982

    Question about the T-100

    It isn't. Laser Guided <> Thermal <> Optical.
  5. timmo1982

    Fixed wing ejection &parachute

    Hmm good tip for assigning a double tapped key...I didn't realise you could do that! Trying to roll the mouse to the correct menu item when you have a split second to do it is never easy.
  6. timmo1982

    Helicopter Feedback (Dev branch)

    ...and the engine is only capable of doing things that the hardware can physically do (i.e. number crunching). I think people need to be reminded of this (not you Tonci87 but some people on game forums don't seem to understand this). It'd be great to just keep throwing features into a software engine with no thought of the spending of your hardware 'budget', but that's not how things work in reality (until quantum computing becomes reality of course!) zGuba, the reduction in flying 'efficiency'* of helos seems like an easy thing to implement? Is it? * By flying efficiency, I'm meaning the behaviour of a helo when the collective is dumped. Choppers in A3 seem to keep flying without dropping a lot when the collective is dropped.
  7. I would imagine it's an issue with precision of floating point numbers in 32 bits?
  8. timmo1982

    Helicopter Feedback (Dev branch)

    Thanks B00ce- I've amended my post. I also mistakenly put cyclic instead of collective in the second para.
  9. timmo1982

    Helicopter Feedback (Dev branch)

    I agree, especially in regards to lowering the collective to go down which is pretty screwy in A3. A novice helo flyer in A3 currently would lower collective, find they weren't really descending and go 'oh I guess I need to nose down with cyclic'....which would have the effect of increasing airspeed and make hitting the landing spot very difficult. Increasing the effect of dropping collective is the one thing they could easily (?) change to really improve the helos in A3....currently helos feel like they 'want to fly' as opposed to reality where the blades are doing a heap of work to prevent it from falling out of the sky!
  10. timmo1982

    Is this color normal?

    Well if you know that you bought it legitimately, then we can't argue with that. Have you let Steam update it (presumably you haven't played it for a long time?) and does the problem still persist?
  11. It would be OK if the quick menu gave you the same options (i.e added functionality) but it seems to just present you with a list of options that you don't even need....?
  12. In previous versions of Arma, you could see what options were available from the context/squad menu so you didn't have to memorise them (i.e. F1 select a unit, then 4 for vehicle and then 1 to disembark or 1-1 to return to formation etc) Those shortcuts still work but the items don't come up on the context menu so you must, for example, know that 4 brings up the vehicle menu instead of seeing it on the menu? Am I missing something here?
  13. Do you have permission from IRIS to use their geometry/model?