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    Fix ARM3!

    Yes really, it's a steamy pile. A bug farm.
  2. MrChaoticAttractor

    Arma 3 Random Game Crashes?

    No it crashes. It's crap and they released a steaming pile in order to meet some arbitrary deadline set by their management - and the consumer pays for it. I see it every day. ---------- Post added at 05:56 ---------- Previous post was at 05:52 ---------- Its a pretty hard crash too. Not sure what its doing, maybe some day I will take the time, but I have had it lock out peripherals and recovery was a bitch. This is real amateur crap.
  3. MrChaoticAttractor

    Where is the Game?

  4. MrChaoticAttractor

    Where is the Game?

    It's called "A Scam".
  5. MrChaoticAttractor

    A3 Poll

    Less than Beta ... untested trash. What were you thinking Bohemia? Not good ...
  6. MrChaoticAttractor

    Fix ARM3!

    Ok. This is my first post here, and may be my only one depending on how things go. But I would only like to say Bohemia Interactive should be ashamed of what they released for ARMA3. It is bad enough the campaign mode is delayed, and they did nothing to make ARMA3 more enjoyable for new ARMA users - not even a basic tutorial with the game (yes its a game). But let's give that a pass for now ... Given that, Why does this game crash on average every hour? And no, it's not my system - I have a I7 Sandybridge with 16G of RAM and an NVIDIA GTX480. It has not had problems with any other new modern game. And EVERY TIME I go online, my machine crashes no more frequently than my team mates. It is constant discussion on the servers. I am totally disgusted with Bohemia Interactive, there is no excuse to release such alpha level feces into the market. It's basically robbery when you combine it with Steam where the end user has no chance of a refund. What is more of a shame is that is actually a good concept, and there is good technology here. The leadership at Bohemia Interactive should be tarred and feathered for this abomination. It is beta level at best, and should never have been released.