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  1. I cannot seem to get the supply drop to come in on its own at random times i still have to call it is does anyone know a way to have it just come in periodically?
  2. I am trying to make a mission where we hold a base and are trying to take the island while VAS works great for this I would rather have to stockpile ammo/ limited supply maybe run out of one type and have to hold out and make due. I know there is the supply drop module but I can not figure out how to have it on a timer and drop in a general area? so that maybe I have to go collect it and it may be near a danger area. Any help would be appreciated thank you.
  3. mellowaid

    User Mission Request Thread

    An ideas i was thinking of for a large continuous type mission would be one like how planet side 2 is set up where you take over the island where diffrent bases have diffrent objectives and we have 3 ffactions so it seems very plausable may have 2 have recruit ai to get the same experience as ps2 but i dont think that would be even needed if each base had vehicle spawns like ps2.
  4. thank you very much very helpfull.
  5. I am trying to have a mission like red dawn where we start as a civilian and as the opfor move's in we run to a weapons cache and as we get near the cache a trigger activates and moves me to bluefor so the enemy will now shoot at me. I dont know if i worded that right but any thing would help. Thank you.