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  1. Introduction: Hello, Im Pvt. K. Oswald and we are an ArmA II Realism Unit. We want to achieve the most realistic playstyle as possible, therefor we use mods such as ACE and TaskForceRadio. Our unit represents 3rd Battalion 4th Marines, Kilo Company. Normally we have around 3 events a week. These would be a squad training, a final excersise and an Operation. Our unit supports a Teamspeak 3 Server and an ArmA II CO dedicated server. Requirements: - Must be atleast 16+ years old. (exceptions can be made) - Must have a working microphone. - Must have working copy of ArmA II and ArmA II OA. - Must have Teamspeak 3. - Must speak the english language properly. - Must be committed to the unit. - Must show repect towards all members. - Must be showing teamwork. - Must be active. How to join: First of all, the player would contact us on our website, teamspeak 3 server or dedicated server. Here he will be linked with an application form within the forums of our website. The player must fill in an application and will then be standby for response by one of the Squad IC's. This response will take maximum 24 hours. If the application is accepted, the player will be assigned to a Recruit Training group. For the recruit training, atleast 2 recruits are required to atend. After passing the recruit training, the player will be able to play offcial trainings and operations with the more experienced members. For the trainings, the player will be assigned to a training group of 8 people. This training group will prepare you for a final excercise training and operation. Available Positions: Within our unit, the IC of a squad will asign the player to the position wich is most needed within a squad. The player would be assigned to one of these positions: 1. Rifleman 2. Medic 3. Machinegunner 4. Scout 5. Leader 6. Transport Pilot (Closed) 7. Jet Pilot (Closed) First of all, the Infantry. This division is pretty self-explanatory. The Infantry are the foot soldiers, the backbone of the 3/4th. They’ll be the ones in the thick of it, completing objectives and such, while supported by the other divisions. They’ll often come face to face with the enemy, and life or death will boil down to your reactions and precision. The opportunities in the Infantry are great, as roles range from rifleman, to AT Specialist and Marksman. Next is the Armoured Division. This too is also somewhat obvious. The Armoured Division operate Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC’s) and heavy armour such as tanks. Unlike the Air Force, the Armoured Division may have somewhat of a more active role, rather than a passive one, as they’ll often be tasked with objectives that either secure territory or directly support the infantry. Next up is the Air Force. The Air Force plays a vital role in any and all operations. They’re responsible for taxiing troops into the Area of Operations and providing Close Air Support via Fixed Wing aircraft and/or Rotor Wing Aircraft. Without the Air Force the Infantry couldn’t function. The services that this division provide are essential to the 3/4th’s wellbeing. Finally is the Military Police, or MP. The Military police are responsible for maintaining law and order among the 3/4th, at base and in the field. They are the enforcers of our rules, ensuring that everyone is operating smoothly and abiding by our rules and regulation. Their role as the disciplinarians and enforcers are vital, making sure that everyone’s behaviour up to par. Modlist: @ace @cba_co @ExA_Humvees @FA18 @mcagcc_29_palms @ou_air @RH_M4 @st_bunnyhop @sthud @st_interact @stmovement @tfar_co_a2 @bink_usmc @Fallujah Our unit requires the ACE/TFR mod, however the staff can always help you obtaining other mods. Contact us: Teamspeak 3 IP: kcompany.ts.nfoservers.com Website: Click me!
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    Landing Expert Mode

    Another solution would be to change the sensitivity of your controls so as for the helicopter to be more controllable.
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    batteries and solar panels

    iteresting idea!