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  1. walshy690

    Server just got hacked

    Funnily enough mate the guy I suspected was from around that area Im pretty sure as I checked ip's etc. If you could pm ke those details that would be awesome and I will see if its the same guy.
  2. Haha na palm you are a genuine hero right now as your posts are filled with information and understandable as well. I will have to look at making defined spawn locations then I think but this will take me a little time as I have a couple of bugs to fix that I noticed. Thank you for your help again mate I definatly owe you a beer
  3. walshy690

    Server just got hacked

    Battle eye was enabled on the server but still managed to get through it seems
  4. Ok I apologise if this is in the wrong section. I have just had my server hacked (teleported everyone above the airfield where they plummeted to their death) now I want/need some better anti hacks or at the very least some better admin tools to locate and punish the hacker. I currently have proving grounds in the wasteland mission file but it doesn't help me much in tracking down the hacker etc. Any help is really really appreciated as it killed the server. Walshy
  5. My server just got hacked. Someone teleported everyone in the sky and made them free fall to their death then gave everyone god mode and did it again and again. How can I find out who did this and what admin tools can I use to prevent this from happening again or monitor the game to stop it from happening again? I have proving ground on the wasteland mission but better server tools are required. Cheers, Walshy
  6. walshy690

    Vehicle respawn alternatives?

    out of curiosity what does the first numer mean? I have now set mine to this: [_car, 1800, 300, 300, false, _markerPos] execVM "server\functions\vehicle.sqf"; so the vehicles should respawn after 5 minutes of being destroyed or deserted?
  7. walshy690

    Vehicle respawn alternatives?

    Hmm that may be pretty difficult as the I have about 300 maroers on the map saying Spawn_1 etc and the vehicles that spawn on them are random and these spawn points are used for the objects as well (vehicles use odd numbers objects use even numbers). I believe the mission has a script in it but it seems to stop working as towards the end of the 6 hour cycle vehicles are difficult to come across. So currently I'm at a bit of a loss lol Walshy
  8. walshy690

    Vehicle respawn alternatives?

    just to jump in on this one where/how would I put this information on an existing watesland mod? I'm new so be gentle please Also ids there a console command to delete all the vehicles and make them respawn like they did at the begining of the mission or in my case straight after a server restart. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Hello I'm pretty new to Scripting and coding etc and I have been messing with the Sandbox65_GoT_Wasteland_V23.Stratis wasteland on ARMA 3 and doing pretty well I think. So far I have added alot more vehicle spawns and different vehicle types and added loads of stuff to the gun shop but I have a couple of issues. I tried to make it so people dont spawn with Night Vision but I have only managed it so that some people don't spawn and others do spawn with it and I cannot figure it out and it is really annoying and I cannot change the server to night without sorting that as it will be an unfair advantage. Secondly I want to do events etc on the server where people can get a special vehicle but the proving grounds tools don't allow me to spawn in a vehicle (this script has been removed for clients due to battleye) is there anyway to do this in game or activate this tool (I'm new so be gentle) Lastly (For now) I havce found some awesome weapons packs and skins on armaholic that I would love to add to the mission but can I do it so that the people who join my server are not required to download anything additional? Any help is much appreciated. Walshy
  10. Ahhhh sweet I had a feeling there was something random in the script. Dude you are a great help thank you.
  11. walshy690

    Bandwidth settings for a 40 player server

    What would be the best settings for a 64 player GoT wasteland server?
  12. There are a few wasteland servers which dont lag that much etc I have played on the WS.ARMA.SU server's and they are pretty good but I also got bored and annoyed with the other servers lagging etc that I also started up my own server 690Gaming is the name if you fancy it and if its laggy or anything then let me know and we will improve etc as laggy servers destroy the game
  13. I have been editing an existing mission its a wasteland mission and I have set vehicle spawn points and it randomly spawns in selected vehicles I believe but since I posted this it seems to have fixed itself in some way shape or form.
  14. Thanks for your help mate I really appreciate it and have now sorted it through Battleye BEC so I now have that running on my server and that is a whole new kettle of fish lol Thank you very much for your help. Walshy
  15. yes I understand that there are other threads etc and I have read some of them but I am kinda struggling as I am completely new to scripting/coding and don't want to mess it up. And if they do not want to see it then they can put in a suggestion on the forum and it will be looked at etc.