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  1. Hello all, I'm relatively new to ArmA 3 mission making, and while I've had a lot of luck with my latest bout, I'm having a strange issue that I wasn't having a few missions ago... I started adding some support assets attached to the "support" waypoint (ie ambulance, refuel, etc) but on the 5-1 support menu for my soldier there are NO options listed, you know the ones "Medic" "Refuel" "Rearm" etc. Any idea why they don't exist? I tried a simple blank mission with *just* support assets/waypoints/player and still no dice. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been trawling the forum for hours, and while there are many intelligent people who discuss overriding the menu with custom options, hooking up 0-8 menu, etc. I'm just looking for an answer as to why the 5-1 "Call Support" menu is empty. Thanks. ---------- Post added at 16:23 ---------- Previous post was at 16:03 ---------- Further testing: Adding single player unit (any type) and the 5-1 Support Menu remains blank. Adding 2 or more units (as group) with group leader as player then the 5-1 Support Menu is full. If other units die during mission, player's 5-1 support menu turns blank again...
  2. dochollidayxx

    COOP Zeus Effort [HELP NEEDED]

    I'm currently attempting to add two Zeus slots to several of my custom missions. I am running no outside mods/scripts for these missions (shocking right?). Steps Accomplished: 1. Add two Zeus slots. 2. Add a Zeus Game Master Module to Both Issue I am Having: My GOAL is to have this operate almost like the Game Master / Moderator Combo in the ZGM modes that BI put together, but with two full Zeuses. i.e. we can both see & edit the same objects, modules, etc. But right now the objects & modules we create are only marked for each individual Zeus, the other can't see icons for them or edit them in any way. Help?
  3. Hehe, yes - I noticed that. I appreciate the "danger close" realism, they typically keep their fire about 500m away from friendlies, which is far enough for me to be comfortable letting them do their own thing around the map. Also, does the 3D editor have a zoom feature somewhere that I'm missing? trying to zoom in close to a few buildings to place troops, if not, it's alright, a man can dream. Feature request? AI loadout editor - even if it's something "simple" like a button on MCC where i select a troop and it just opens up the troop's inventory in VAS for me to play with. Currently I spend probably more time hijacking and VAS-boxing and keeping quick loadout scripts ready for copy/pasting in the downtime between when my troops are on objective than anything else. I'd love to be able to click on a soldier, click edit loadout, kit him out, then continue on. ;)
  4. With this latest version, I've moved MCC from a "use for dynamic missions with some pre-prep setup" category into my "USE ALWAYS IN EVERY MISSION" addon. Not even kidding - I turned it on in the A3 Patrol Ops mission the other day, since my group was a bit undermanned I added in a few GAIA controls troops/air, and WOW did that make a difference in the defense mission we ran. Air support flashing overhead, plenty of friendly/enemy. I even popped up an AC-130 when it all got nuts. Highlights because of MCC: 1) Attack chopper (GAIA controlled) appearing at *just the right* moment during the defense to light up the enemy Orca transports coming in. 2) B Co's reinforcements (GAIA controlled) rolled in with machine guns blazing right after I'd lost half a squad to a grenade, clearing the current enemy wave. 3) Occasional automated mortar fire from the GAIA controlled friendlies I left at the base (is it operating off spots?). I don't even know how to explain the level of liveliness the GAIA system has added. It's made my job as the MCC GM both easier, more entertaining, and less filled with micromanagement. Now if I could just get a bloody chopper to land using BIS's waypoints with some resemblance of regularity in a hot combat zone, I'd be in heaven. My only complaints from the joes were related to technical Arma 3 problems (the usual - poor server & client frame rates after we'd been going for about 3 hours - even with our ridiculous dedicated server setup - only a max of about 50-60 NPC's running around at once).
  5. Using the same scenario as above: Defensive Behavior with any group type does not cause lag (I use defensive behavior for the tanks I've placed around said FOB and two roving fire teams) logging out of MCC as the mission maker/logging back in does not fix the issue (oh and the pain of waiting for the window to clear up and catch up long enough for me to logout, hehe), neither does leaving the dedicated server (I tested and this issue occurs on both local-hosted and dedicated server execs). When I get back home from work I'll test out a couple of variations on this theme. Also, just a general point of help you guys may know (as you are awesome) I'm trying to figure out a good way have a unit (say reinforcement) waypoint and join my player group, I've noticed that using the BIS waypoint type Join Group is INCREDIBLY finicky, any pro tips for having a unit waypoint over and join - it was a live unscripted thing where due to your new awesome AI I lost half a squad and had to get reinforced to continue mission - after running for my life to get out of the area where we were spotted (more awesomeness)? Also
  6. I would like to report a similar issue as to that I saw on the previous page involving the Fortify command: specifically I can load up the mission version (Altis) of MCC, use the 3D editor and the DOC category to quickly make a FOB (Large), create a zone with the fortify behavior and spawn any number of units from any category inside the zone, and while their behavior seems to be correct, MCC from that point seems to slow down/stall out. (Same issues, after selecting MCC on the action menu, can take full minutes to come up, and full minutes after that to register interactions). And to make it seem like I'm not just complaining about bugs, this has made me add MCC as a permanent fixture to many of the missions I run. I love being able to quickly hook up organic air and artillary assets for either side and have them just go to work. THANK YOU SO MUCH@!!!!
  7. Holy crap! :butbut: What kind of madness is that with those camps? Memo to self.... never place camps that closely together.
  8. I'm going to standby for the BIS hotfix for ARMA. Just lost a bunch of COOP progress due to a crash :( Had just finished two camp takeovers, building 4 new LP/OPs, and claimed a factory and power plant. Mind you, lots of fun, but not looking forward to doing it again ;). Back to the mission stuff: I haven't been able to convince the 2S9s or other enemy arty pieces to fire at me. And on the reverse, it seems like the static mortars I can place for defenses never actually operate, is this a MP problem only, or a SP one as well?
  9. Have you noticed an increased rate of Crashes to Desktop with the latest COOP versions? I'm not sure whether it's the mod update or BIS's update (I'm leaning towards it being a problem on their end). Seems random, sometimes crashes when I save, other times when I'm placing an object, sometimes just because.
  10. Please do not touch the difficulty. I've found the current difficulty level to be satisfactory. I've had to be creative in my approaches, in many cases building in advance several outposts near a camp I plan to take to cover possible enemy reinforcement routes. Strategic use of "Call Support" and keeping a few controlled AI's on a mortar tube when I first take a location can help as well. In most cases now a camp I secure will stay that way as long as I drop an OP right on it and ensure it has decent AA/AT defenses. I like it. When I first hit the island I usually have to stay down and quiet for a bit to find a good initial location, and thank god for "hold fire" because I swear my AI teammates have no concern for noise discipline or attracting the attention of every enemy in a 10km radius.
  11. dochollidayxx

    When will the nVidia Arma 3 optimized drivers come?

    I very much agree with this, it's been hard to sell my friends on buying this game when they see how it runs (and how angry I get at how it runs). I can't exactly tell them, "well, this is the type of game that requires a $4000 computer to play" because it's really not - my buddy with his 3 year old laptop can play it with medium/high settings singleplayer scoring about the same as I do on ultra. I've simply learned to avoid larger multiplayer games, of any type, which disturbs me. Hitting 15-25 fps with my rig makes me feel like something is wrong, especially on relatively "simple" no/low-AI maps like TDM setups or custom 10-man missions. I've recently switched back to the dev-branch since it has seemed to help my FPS in a major way when I'm on Altis maps. My non multiplayer FPS is 45-50 (reasonable, but not what I expected), and the game definitely is CPU bottlenecked in some way I can't figure out. Never gets good utilization even out of a single core (and I realize video isn't the problem, as switching from low through ultra doesn't change squat in terms of my FPS - and you name a game that even barely challenges one Titan and I'll call you a liar :P) i7 3970X (6-core) @ 4.4 Ghz 32GB RAM (1900Mhz) GTX Titan 6GB POST NOTE: I do love the game, I just would prefer it if continued optimization was the focus for a while - so I can convince more of my friends that it'll be worth playing!