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  1. Purzel

    helicopter escort behaviour

    Try "reveal", it shows all enemys around you. e.g.: {unit_xyz reveal _x} forEach allUnits; EDIT: Waaah, I didn't recognized the "Pelican" as the drone it is. Thought it was a helicopter hovering over you...
  2. Purzel

    helicopter escort behaviour

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1f7_RJvqfD9d_34-9KxnEvlFg14S6887v Try it, its a testmap
  3. Purzel

    helicopter escort behaviour

    Change Waypoint to "LOITER", the pilot will fly a circle. In the waypoints config you can enter values for the cirle diameter (clockwise or counter-clockwise too) and the height. Set it high enough so nothing is in the flightpath. Put the gunners into another group and set it's behaviour to combat in the gunners init. Pilots init: this allowdamage false; // not necessary, but sometimes helpful. this allowfleeing 0; // this keep the pilot flying, no matter, how many bullets are fired... this moveInDriver blackhawk; // He will stay the pilot blackhawkgroup = group this; // with "blackhawkgroup" you can give the pilot another waypoint via another script. Gunners Init: this allowdamage false; // not necessary, but sometimes helpful. this moveInTurret [blackhawk, [1]]; // the second gunner: this moveInTurret [blackhawk, [2]];
  4. The "pattern" seems to come from your grafics settings. Go ingame ESC > Config > Graficstuff > search for HBAO under AA & PP. Try change HBAO ingame (with look at the monitor) to other values or deactivate it. You should see instantly the changes. This should help.
  5. Update: I've searched the config-viewer for "uavCameraGunnerPos" and "uavCameraGunnerDir" to find the appropriate names at least from the other arma-drone ("B_UAV_02_dynamicLoadout_F"), but I can't find the uavCameraGunner-parts from KKs tutorial. Where is that stuff located? Or what else do I have to search for? my hope is to find it in the OH-6 Helicopter config, if I only knew the right spot in the config-tree to search for...
  6. Hi Folks, this is my problem: I've got a OH6-helicopter (classname: RHS_MELB_MH6M) which has a camera on the co-pilots seat. I want to stream that picture ( exactly which is shown on the internel OH6-monitor) to another external monitor, so the teamleader (remained in base) can watch the progress of the helicopter-crew searching for the target. See this video, I've made... I've tried KillzoneKids drone-camera-stuff, but it seems not to work. It works well with an uav-drone, but not here. Does anybody have a clou? (Probably it's the name of the gunner-seat-cam or something like this, I can't find this stuff in config! And another thing: If I leave the area of the monitor, the picture will be lost. > black screen on monitor. In the script below I've tried the lasermarker as cam-copy, but this isn't either working... ("rhsus_weap_LWIRCM") monitore setObjectTexture [1, "#(argb,512,512,1)r2t(_oh6CamTgt,1)"]; // Global? _oh6cam = "camera" camCreate [0,0,0]; _oh6cam camSetFov 0.3; // The zoom level is from 0.01 for the nearest and 8.5 for the furthest zoom value, with a default zoom level of 0.75. Needs the call of camCommit to be conducted. _oh6cam cameraEffect ["Internal", "Back", "_oh6camTgt"]; _oh6cam attachTo [oh6,[0,2.5,-1.8], "rhsusf_weap_LWIRCM"]; //"_uavcamTgt" setPiPEffect [0]; //"_uavcamTgt" setPiPEffect [1]; // Normal - [0], Night Vision - [1], Thermal - [2], inv.Thermal = 7, oder S/W: [3,1,1,0.4,0,[0,0,0,0],[1,1,1,0],[1,1,1,1]]; _id = addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", { _dir = (oh6 selectionPosition "rhsusf_weap_LWIRCM") // original by KK: PiP0_pos vectorFromTo (oh6 selectionPosition "rhsusf_weap_LWIRCM"); oh6cam setVectorDirAndUp [ _dir, _dir vectorCrossProduct [-(_dir select 1), _dir select 0, 0] ]; }]; Thanks for any help! Greetz Purzel
  7. Purzel

    Laptop screen texture

    have you done this: As you can see the .paa-pictures are in a folder called "pictures" in your mission-root-folder. BTW: This will show the textures in Eden too.
  8. Purzel

    doMove to Multiple Players

    1: Put an area-trigger named "trigger1" around the wanted area, when a player enters, he will be chased. (BLUFOR present, check server-sided!) 2: Put an enemy group "reactgrp1" (near the center) of the trigger, so it reaches the entering player with nearly same time, no matter from where the players entering the area-trigger. condition: (this) && {"MAN" countType thisList > 0} or , if you want to get an entering vehicle (chopper-landing, etc.) as target.: (this) && {"AllVehicles" countType thisList > 0} on activation: if (isServer) then { nul = [] spawn { targetunit = (list trigger1) select 0; // select 1,2,3, etc. for the second, third, fourth, etc. player sleep 10 + random 10; // select a start-time for your needs, before they start chasing {_x doMove (getPos _x)} forEach units reactgrp1; sleep 1; reactgrp1 setBehaviour "SAFE"; reactgrp1 setSpeedmode "LIMITED"; reactgrp1 setFormation "FILE"; while {{alive _x} count units reactgrp1 > 0} do {reactgrp1 move (getPos targetunit); sleep 15}; // checks every 15 sec. if any AI-unit is still alive to chase players and send them every 15 Sec. to the actual player-position. }; }; Conclusion: You cannot choose a complete player-group for chasing, so the first entering player will be the target. In my experience, the enemy will spot the player group and attack them, no matter, which one was the first entering player and if they are at target distance, they are normally close enough to the whole player-team. The behaviour of the enemy group in the example above suggest the player, that there is just a chilled patrol without any intentions, but the "SAFE"-Part allows to enter other behaviour-modes. Change it to your needs. The last line is the line, where you can insert 45 instead of 15 Sec.
  9. Purzel

    doMove to Multiple Players

    Yep, I'll search for it this afternoon, when I'm back from work. Need to put an area-trigger, in which the first player entering is defined as target. After that a script will follow the player an direct the enemy towards it every X seconds.
  10. Build a "uavcamfeed.sqf" in your script-folder. Change "terminal" below to the name of your TV-Screen: Execute the uavcamfeed.sqf e.g. by trigger uavcamfeed.sqf: [terminal, 2] call BIS_fnc_DataTerminalAnimate; //[terminal, blue, green, red] call BIS_fnc_DataTerminalColor; terminal setObjectTexture [0, "#(argb,512,512,1)r2t(_uavCamTgt,1)"]; _uavcam = "camera" camCreate [0,0,0]; _uavcam camSetFov 0.3; // The zoom level is from 0.01 for the nearest and 8.5 for the furthest zoom value, with a default zoom level of 0.75. Needs the call of camCommit to be conducted. _uavcam cameraEffect ["Internal", "Back", "_uavcamTgt"]; _uavcam attachTo [uav, [0,0,-1], "PiP0_pos"]; "_uavcamTgt" setPiPEffect [0]; //"_uavcamTgt" setPiPEffect [1]; // Normal - [0], Night Vision - [1], Thermal - [2], inv.Thermal = 7, or B/W: [3,1,1,0.4,0,[0,0,0,0],[1,1,1,0],[1,1,1,1]]; addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", { _dir = (uav selectionPosition "PiP0_pos") vectorFromTo (uav selectionPosition "PiP0_dir"); uavcam setVectorDirAndUp [ _dir, _dir vectorCrossProduct [-(_dir select 1), _dir select 0, 0] ]; }]; _uavcam camPrepareTarget getpos ural; // "ural" is the target to follow, in this case an ural-truck _uavcam camSetTarget ural; _uavcam lockCameraTo [ural, [0]]; _uavcam camCommit 1; The script above puts a camera beneath the real UAV-camera, but it runs parallel to the real UAV-camera. Found at KillZone Kids Tutorials and adapted for my needs.
  11. Purzel

    Laptop screen texture

    Yes... change the "0" below to "1" and "2"... this setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "Map.jpg"]; you have to try, which monitor used by the values 0,1, and 2... I dont know on the fly...
  12. No, the picture will not work, because the textures a completely different. but heres the code: myFakeToolkit setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "\pictures\tooltime.paa"]; Just change the name of your toolkit (myFakeToolkit) and the new texture (tooltime.paa) to your belongings. Safe the .paa-picture in a folder called "pictures" in your mission-root-folder. Then copy the adapted code from above into the toolkits init.
  13. Maybe it does, just try it. You just need the .paa-file and retexture it. I did this with a police-officers uniform, and it worked, but I dont know, if it works with your toolkit. But should... Try it.
  14. You could de-pbo the original toolkit, extract the .paa-grafics-file and re-texture it. 1.) Then you have to rebuild your toolkit and put all your stuff into your own mod and load it to your server and to your clan-mates. 2.) Try to name the toolkit and try "setObjectTextureGlobal": myFakeToolkit setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "\pictures\tooltime.paa"];
  15. I did a little change in the descrition-stuff above, but it is not working! No CUSTOM chat possible! Please would someone help me, if it finally works, this could be the working plan for others too. Greetz Purzel