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  1. -OB-.Monty

    The Username Change/Merge Thread

    Please can my username be changed from Oddball.Monty to [OB].Monty please if possible. Many thanks.
  2. Try this .. http://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/0/864980153116631160/#c864980153159954390 apparently it worked well for most of my fellow clan members.
  3. -OB-.Monty

    Custom Patches

    Holy mother of arma these are amazing. I was wondering if there was any chance of the famous TBOC patch (Tactical Beard Owners Club), it looks something like this > http://soldiersystems.net/blog1/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/20120109-160051.jpg but in patch form. Many thanks for your hard work :)
  4. -OB-.Monty

    Why no SAM sites?

    There may on be one fixed wing aircraft (so far ..) but there are still armed helicopters that would render having SAM sites and batteries useful, especially for long missions like Insurgency, Domination or the future MSO, shame something of this nature wasn't added, not including the static Titan Launcher.
  5. I had some fun with the FA18 earlier on :D ..
  6. -OB-.Monty

    Hardcore insurgency

    Hey, Love the mission, was wondering if more red squares could be added, similar to the number found on Tripwires Insurgency mission, make more epic fighting in urban areas and cross country. Many Thanks!
  7. -OB-.Monty


    I tried to play your updated mission earlier this morning, ( My clan plays it as default mission) and I can not seem to get the MHQ working, is it a certain vehicle or module that deploys it ? Also would it be possible to add HALO jumping and airlifting in at all. Thank you again for the mission. great work.
  8. -OB-.Monty

    FUTARM: Altis/Stratis Inspired Digital Camo

    Fantastic work on your uniform, they blend in so well with 99% of Altis, even my friends had trouble spotting each other. Thank you Blood.