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  1. =WKV= Blackwatch

    newbies mission with errors :(

    Hi there Savage I did send you a PM did you not receive it?
  2. =WKV= Blackwatch

    converting to PAA.

    IS there a special trick when converting from Jpg to Taa to paa so I can keep the full colours. Everytime I have done it so far it seems im getting an almost blue negative effect on all my images.
  3. Could you say that in english for a mission making n00b please
  4. =WKV= Blackwatch

    Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)

    Is there a way to get the VAS to spwan when all enemy are defeated in a set area? For instance the first task in my current mission is to clear opfor from a small courtyard area where they are protecting a stolen convoy. I want it so when the insertion team have cleared the opfor from that area the ammo crates will " spawn in ". I have used a module to hide the ammo but can't for the life of me figure out how to get it to " spwan in " when the trigger goes off saying " area clear, now rearm and move out to the next AO "
  5. Could some one please help with the show module function. In the first stage of my mission you have to secure a captured convoy. When all the enemy are dead I want two VAS to appear at a preset place. I have managed to hide the ammo crates and got the trigger working that completes when all opfor are dead....but I can for the life of me get the ammo to appear when all the opfor are dead.
  6. I have been able to hide the ammo crates, by syncing them to a hide object in syncronised objects only, but how do I get them to reappear once the area is clear of opfor? I have a working trigger that completes task when opfor are killed do i sync show object to that?
  7. I have almost finished my second mission but there is one last thing I am stuck. For the first task of the mission I want Blufor to have to come in a " liberate " a stolen convoy ( An MHQ, plus two other trucks and some hunters ) . I have a trigger set so that once all Opfor on that area are killed it is task one complete. How would I make it so when that is accomplished the ammo crates and other vehciles will appear Basically I want the team to come in kill the enemy and then the ammo crates appear. Obviously the vehicles will be there as a constant
  8. I can't seem to get this to work. I put the script into the main mission and then goto the vehicles init and place the above code but it says im missining a ;.??
  9. =WKV= Blackwatch

    newbies mission with errors :(

    Im using the =BTC= Revive script. I have the third task assigned the same way I have the first and second. I could send the PBO or mission folder over for some one to look at if they wouldnt mind....its a mess lol
  10. I have tried this method as I am trying to destroy a power plant generator yet I cant get the trigger to group to the ID of the generator. Is there a certain way of doing it?
  11. I have made my first mission however I am having a few problems and would be gratefull if someone could help. 1. If you get killed and either revive or respawn the load out you had disappears and players end up with 100s of watches that they cant get rid of ....then all of a sudden they go and their original weapon/scope comes back but they have lost everything else. 2. When the 2nd objective is complete the 3rd doesnt come up even though it is trigger linked the same way as the 2nd. IF some one could help me I would be very grateful.
  12. =WKV= Blackwatch

    mission wont load on rented box

    I have managed to get it going now. The addon pack I had uploaded was missing one .pbo file lol. Don't worry tomorrow the village will have their idiot back.
  13. I have created a mission however I am having difficulty loading it on our rented box. It will load fine on my own pc and I can start the mission with out issues. However as soon as I FTP it to our server it will not run at all. I select the mission from the screen and as it loads it just goes to the first mission in the listing for that island. Could some one please help me with this.
  14. =WKV= Blackwatch

    Help with hostage script.

    I have got the hostages to join my group by a trigger. But no matter what I do I cant get them to follow me properly and get them to enter the evac chopper when it lands.
  15. Epic thanks again lads, Ive managed to get it working now :)