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  1. vredesbyrd

    Arma 3 Crashing Like Crazy

    Interestingly, the ZiiP guys and I were playing for three or four hours on our (currently private, for testing purposes) server earlier today across a variety of maps/missions/mods with absolutely no crashes. This including my first attempts at missions - Really quite odd.
  2. Does the second screenshot not remind anyone of the issues Chernarus DayZ had not all that long ago? - The cause of which was the dead soldier props being rendered improperly because a change had been made within DayZ? if I recall correctly? What map/mission/mod are you playing? I'm more inclined to believe that it is more to do with the mission/map/mod and any changes that might have been made than I am to believe that it is the drivers - if it were the drivers, would not several hundred people also be piling on to this forum and making similar threads/posts?
  3. vredesbyrd

    Arma 3 Crashing Like Crazy

    I'll jump in on this one and try to provide a bit of background that I've been able to gleen from reading around the forums. Because of the way BIS have created ARMA, with the community and new content in mind, the editor gives the player access to an element of the game which, if not properly manipulated (ie, create a new missions) can cause a variety of issues such as perfomance loss and crashing. Now, having looked through a not insubstantial amount of scripts out there for a variety of missions and purposes and, in some cases, larger projects such as DayZ and Wastelands, it becomes easy to see that the construction of these missions/packages/projects is something of a mish-mash amalgamation of a variety of different mods/scripts/packages most of which are not written or opitmised in the way that official BIS content is (mostly) done. An example I'll point out is the use of custom kits with player respawn along with the use of AI - Because of the way you need the custom kits to work with respawning, you must make sure that scripts are re-run on each player respawn so that the custom kits are applied. If this is done in a way which does not consider optimisation or performance, you get a situation where numerous scripts are being run and re-run throughout a match across X number of players for hours at a time. The same goes for AI - consider the work involved in controlling AI and then think about how much any given server/mod/mission uses AI and then add to that all the extra work the server/your machine is already doing. This all adds up and when you have a game like ARMA 3 which is a beast in the first place, you start to stress things more and more until something gives - ARMA isn't perfect (hears scoffs and sniggers everywhere). Jumping back across the fence, I will say that this does not give ARMA 3/BIS a pass. They have opened up the game to the community and invited us all to come and have a tinker, meaning they are responsible for fixing any kind of anomalies that may occur, or better yet, providing better documentation so that these seemingly common mistakes are avoided - That is unless I have managed to miss any statement BIS might have made with regards to not officially supporting modding, which I can't imagine they have. Novemberist - I see that you are obviously frustrated because people are directing bile at BIS for something which in the first instance probably isn't directly BIS's fault. What you aren't seeing is that, regardless of whether it is down to poorly created missions or a fault within the patch, the issues are wide spread and affect a large portion of the community - and not just on one singular mission or mod. I've played nearly a dozen different missions/mods in which I have experience the Physx crash. Surely this is something BIS need to look at?
  4. vredesbyrd

    Responsible Game Development

    Why exactly are you lurking around this area of the forum? - Especially when, as you say, you are having absolutely no problems with ARMA 3? :confused: I'll hazard a guess: A) You are a troll B) 42 If you have nothing helpful to contribute, please make like an Abit motherboard and stop posting. :) OT - I think it might be necessary to send some kind of message to BIS and push for a response about the state of the game and their argueably premature release to 'full', but I'm not sure how effective this would be. I think a more deeply thoughtout, evidence backed open letter written with the support of community members might be more appropriate and helpful.
  5. vredesbyrd

    PhysX3_x86.dll Crash

    I realise that I haven't posted my spec, which may be helpful: i5 2500k @stock 8gb DDR3 Corsair Dominator @stock HD 7970 Vapor X GHZ Edition 3gb @factory stock (1ghz/1500mhz)
  6. vredesbyrd

    Arma 3 Returning to Beta

    How did you take 'performance issues' from those threads? It is outright crashes. Not performance related issues (Ping/FPS lag). A larger hole in your suggestion is that there is little SP content, what with there being no Campaign.
  7. vredesbyrd

    Second Monitor blacked out

    I Have this issue on alot of games and it is solved by tabbing out, waiting for 3/4 seconds then tabbing back in. If that doesn't help, tab out then CTRL+Shift+Esc, select ARMA 3 in the running programs and select 'Switch to'. Yet another would be to tab out and then clicking the icon on the task bar. If you are using a full screen program or watching a movie/youtube video full screen, sometimes it will black screen depending on the app/movie player/video player - This can't really be helped. For example, I can't watch Facebook videos or watch a movie through Windows Media Player (Very rare I use that nonsense) and play ARMA or many other games because it will black screen my second monitor. I watch films/youtube/have TS up on my second screen and doing one of the above usually sorts it out.
  8. vredesbyrd

    PhysX3_x86.dll Crash

    Well, working a 60/70 hour week as I do, I feel I deserve to make use of the expensive gaming hardware and games I have bought to enjoy in my down time. I feel justified in my annoyance that the game is broken during said down time - Should it have been broken during a week day, my impatience and irritance would be less so because I would have no time to play any way AND BIS studios would be immediately there to see the issues and fix them. Just saying - Some of us have to plan this stuff in and it's frustrating when something like this happens.
  9. vredesbyrd

    PhysX3_x86.dll Crash

    You know what would be nice? - If BIS acknowledged this issue and made light of the fact that they are doing something about it.....maybe through some kind of feed where they give some small insight in to the issues they are actively working on? Just a suggestion. There are a lot of angry people who (thankfully for the integrity of the forum) haven't yet found their way here to kick off and moan - Although some have. I'll also echo something said earlier: Don't patch on a Friday.
  10. vredesbyrd

    PhysX3_x86.dll Crash

    All versions of wasteland I have played and now the Capture Island server I mentioned earlier - It took over an hour to crash on this server and was immediately preceeded by and exploding Ifrit. As far as I am aware, there aren't any non-standard structures/objects/vehicles/weapons/items/general meshes in the Wastelands versions I have played. The explosions crashes seem to be restricted to exploding vehicles or buildings - Grenades or missiles exploding on the ground don't seem to do it. It could be a complete random coincidence but I thought I'd share.
  11. vredesbyrd

    PhysX3_x86.dll Crash

    Tried several from vanilla to Sa-Matra.
  12. vredesbyrd

    PhysX3_x86.dll Crash

    Another member of the ZiiP community thinks they may have tracked down the source of the crashes. It is anecdotal, but he has only crashed out due to the Physx bug when he has been in the proximity of an explosion, and from memory, I remember hearing or seeing explosions most times I've crashed out. In other instances, where I have not witnessed explosions, other members of the community in close to medium proximity have done and have immediate crashed out, along with most, if not all, of the players in that particular area of the map. I must point out, this is happening in Wastelands in Multiplayer - The same community member who has pointed to explosions has been on an invasion server for most of today without any crashes despite more explosions than a Michael Bay movie. I also played nearly an hour of SP last night after all the crashes made me give up with MP and did not have a crash. Sharing in hope of being helpful, and I've pointed out that the theory is based on anecdote - Refrain from throat jumping please :)
  13. Was just playing Wastelands ARMA3 on two seperate lots of Servers (UK2,3 and 4 hosted by Inch and Servers 1, 2 and 3 hosted by DP), ranging between 36 and 64 slot and every 5/10/15 minutes literally half the server would be dropped with a generic Steam message. I've been disco'd 13 times tonight in four hours now and all of the .rpt files list the same thing: PhysX3_x86.dll I'm not sure why this would even be running on my system considering I'm AMD - Does this still need to be run so that AMD can do it's own emulated physics thingy? Extremely frustrating.
  14. vredesbyrd

    PhysX3_x86.dll Crash

    Between me and seven other ZiiP members, we've crashed 15 times in the past two hours because of 'PhysX3_x86.dll' This is since the 1gb patch and has never been so bad for any of us. Did not the quantity of early access backers give BIS a healthy enough sample to identify these sorts of issues so they could be fixed before release? - If not, what exactly is the early access for? If it is just to pull in some extra revenue and get people buying in early and generating some noise about the game, you are missing a very, very big trick.