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  1. Very good missions with an "Operation Flashpoint " Felling in it Thanks again goodjob !
  2. Thx for the new missions ! i give it a go tonight .
  3. darkyautja71

    [SP] IP: First Blood

    muchas gracias mi amigo ! Have a drink on me !
  4. darkyautja71

    [SP] IP: First Blood

    Hello , any chance to have an alternative download link? thx in advance .:cylon: :292::cylon::cylon:
  5. Goodjob for an alpha release can' t wait to see the future update of this unit . This game needed female soldiers , now it's a little more realistic ! keep going .
  6. darkyautja71

    [SP-CP04] Hunt For Akazi by Surfer

    Alright i understand why now , yes make the eject command more clear if you can ; don' t worry it' s still a very good mission . keep going mate ! ps : I'm loocking forward for the next release . Have a nice day !
  7. darkyautja71

    [SP-CP04] Hunt For Akazi by Surfer

    Thx for the pbo , this is a very nice mission ! Coop version is good but Can you make a single player version of it? Because in sp ai don't follow you they just stay stuck in the heli and you need to switch role if you want use them .
  8. darkyautja71

    [SP] Revenge (A3)!

    Thx for the mission !
  9. darkyautja71

    SiC's Missions (SP & CO) and WIP thread

    Any chance to have some alternative links for download you're missions ? mediafire or Harmaholic maybe? thx .
  10. darkyautja71

    [SP] Operation Clever Girl

    Hello can you post an updated version of you're mission on harmaholic because some peoples like me don' t use or don't want to use the workshop thanks in advance . Btw i have really enjoyed playing this mission on arma3 beta .
  11. darkyautja71

    [SP-CP04] Hunt For Akazi by Surfer

    Thx for the new mission and thx for the alternative download link i just hate steam workshop , i give it a go tonight and of course i will post some feedback later . Cheers:yay: