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    Arma3 Videos

    A bunch of firefights against zombies. Intense all the way.
  2. About Me: 21 y/o from the Seattle area. Been playing Arma 3 since it's release. When I'm not playing Arma I'm usually racing, either in real life or on iRacing. I'm a pretty chill guy that just so happens to like shooting things with a rocket launcher. What I'm looking for: A mature, structured squad to play with. One that actually puts a bit of thought into their battle plan instead of "Ok everybody pile in the chopper." This sim needs at least a bit of professionalism to be fun. I mostly play infantry so that needs to be a big part of the clan. In my old clan I was an AT/Explosives guy so ideally that would be the role I'd want to fill, but really any position is fine by me. I'm free weekdays after 2 pm PST usually, weekends are up in the air just depends on work. I'm still pretty new to this so I hope by finding a good clan I can improve my game and have a lot of fun doing it as a team.
  3. You are part of the first wave of the attack on the mainland. Your objectives are: 1. Secure the landing zone and move inland 2. Assist Bravo Squad in neutralizing an enemy FOB 3. Seize the Airfield and the adjacent town. This mission comes in two parts, the First covers objectives 1 and 2, the second is only 3. Please look them up in the steam workshop under: k.clements93. You should see a picture of a burning astronaut. I just started so they're a little rough around the edges, but I think they're fun. Any feedback or constructive criticism is welcomed, so tell me what you thought of them. I've gotten into the habit of flying around Altis in the Sport Hatchback, and wherever I crash I make a mission there. It's worked pretty well so far, I've ended up using parts of the map I wouldn't have used before and it helps your tactical thinking(on both sides) when you create the tactical situation and so far that is what I'm enjoying most with the editor, the unlimited freedom you have to put you and your squad in difficult situations and see how everything turns out.
  4. I s there a way I can put the radio over my headphones and the game through my speakers? It's so hard to hear people sometimes, especially in/around a chopper. And does anyone have good settings for a G27? I'm coming over from iRacing and would like to use my wheel :D
  5. sporkface

    Noob Questions

    Thanks guys I made it work. And thanks for the link, I've been looking for something like that.
  6. sporkface

    A3 Poll

    Love the game, how it is, but it could use a little fine tuning and I shouldn't need mods to find enjoyment out of the game. Wish they would dumb down the editor a little more though... make it easier for people like me :P
  7. 1. I want my squad to be in a boat headed towards altis when the mission starts. How can I make them spawn in the boat? The best I can do is have them spawn in the water and then put a GET IN waypoint on the boat. It's not a huge deal for me playing by myself but I don't want to put a mission on the workshop like that. 2. How do I script? 3. How do I utilize the intro/outro features? Whenever I try the intro doesn't end so the mission doesn't start. 4. Is there a way to have a bunch of enemies in a town, then have an AI call out targets for me when I'm in the scorcher? Sorry if these are stupid questions lol
  8. sporkface

    Problem with HDMI

    Happened to me before when I was switching playback devices, maybe your laptop is trying to switch too?
  9. sporkface

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    Any chance for Pacific Theater? Would love an Iwo Jima map :) Very excited for this mod none the less! Keep up the good work guys! :)
  10. Try making the trigger 300000 by 300000.
  11. Howdy y'all, sporkface here. I just published my first mission onto the steam workshop! What it is is a simple defense mission just to put out there what kind of mission I like, ones with a lot of infantry running around and a lot of bullets whizzing through the air. You start at Camp Maxwell and learn that OPFOR forces are on their way to assault the base. Helicopter reinforcements are on their way, and you need to hold out till they get there and then neutralize all the OPFOR in the area. Pretty basic stuff but I'm still learning and will be updating the mission as time goes by and I get more feedback about the mission so please, give it a try and tell me what you think. The mission name is in the thread title, its in the steam workshop. I am also thinking of doing a full campaign story. My basic idea is like one of those R.L. Stein choose your own destiny books, where there would be different episodes and depending on if you win or lose you would have to go to side a or side b of the next mission and there would be multiple pathways to either overall victory or defeat. The basic story premise would be something along the lines of: 2045 - The CSAT forces, controlling Italy and Greece, are on the brink of war with NATO forces. NATO decides to stage a full scale assault on the Italian mainland (Altis), landing at The ancient capital of Rome(Pyrgos) and expanding till CSAT are eradicated from the Island. NATO forces will use a small military island in the Mediterranean(Stratis) and use it as a jumping off point for its soldiers. Little do they know, CSAT know's their plans and has decided to beat NATO to the punch by launching a pre-emptive invasion of Stratis. You the player will be right smack dab in the middle of the fight to take back Stratis and then rebuild to take the fight to the mainland. The format would utilize both Islands and would come out as different episodes, with each one getting regular updates the better I get with the editor and to add suggestions and everything to the missions. They would all focus on you the character, and it would be all infantry combat with the occasional truck etc. added in. Obviously it would be a bit of work but with regular updates and good feedback and a good story I think this would be pretty awesome. Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions?
  12. sporkface

    Have Arma 3, is Arma 2 worth it?

    My main concern is the multiplayer though, will there still be enough people playing months down the line to warrant me getting the game? Or will it just be private clans playing A2? Right now I'm not to jazzed about the lack of fluidity in infantry movement, but if there are more games where people work together instead of lonewolfing it or TK'ing that's a huge plus. And I really like the WWII mod I saw on the forums, is that a popular mod to use? And I can use all the A2 stuff in A3? That's pretty cool. How's the AI in Arma2? Do they do that thing where you can be sprinting and they'll headshot you from 600m? That's a big complaint from me about A3 cause it's so hard to get into a good firefight with the AI. I've spent hours in the editor trying to figure it out. Sorry for all the questions just not familiar with this series.
  13. Title says it all. I got Arma 3 and love it, now I'm wondering if Arma 2 would be worth it to buy. I want to play DayZ and other modes maybe some Co-Op and make more missions on more maps. are there good Public games? Or would I need to find a clan? How are the graphics compared to Arma 3?