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  1. I can connect to all servers, thank you very much!
  2. "Item STR_ACT_KickVeh listed twice Item <br/> listed twice Item <br/> listed twice Item <br/> listed twice Item <br/> listed twice Item <br/> listed twice Item <br/> listed twice Item <br/> listed twice Item <br/> listed twice Item <br/> listed twice Item <br/> listed twice Item STR_PARAM_UsePrice0 listed twice Item STR_PARAM_UsePrice5 listed twice Item STR_PARAM_HealPackets listed twice *** Player identity cannot be applied on person 2:24929 - player 756974463 not found" I have registered my account via steam and the game is executed from C:\Program Files (x86)\CapsuleGames\ARMA II - PC. Maybe there is a conflict somewhere in authenticating my account info? The only server I can join is called "aivaiv b aivaivaiv-" Type: coop; Mission: Evolution - E. Edit: I'm beginning to think I can join servers that do not have battlEye enabled. (verifying this now) Edit2: It seems my hunch is correct, I can join all non battlEye servers. I googled what battleEye is, and I know what this will look like. But I have never cheated in my life, first time playing this game.
  3. I'm running version 1.11 and joining servers with same version. As for add-ons I don't know what that means, I installed the game and started playing it. I don't know if it's of any consequence but before I installed ArmaII I had installed the free version and put a dynamic zombie mod into the mpmission folder, I uninstalled it. I can still see servers in the list playing "dynamic zombie sandbox" and what not but I guess everyone sees those regardless of installed mod. I'm glad you are trying to help me. edit: I successfully joined a server, but I don't know why. Still can't join any other servers.
  4. Greemangaming gave out ArmaII for free a good while back, I got in on the action and setup an account for later download. I downloaded the game and wanted to play online but each time I join a server it goes into the lobby and after the load screen goes back into the server list without error message. This problem is pretty common but I haven't seen a solution for it. Can anybody help me with this? Developers you guys have to be familiar with this right? Where is the problem here? thanks in advance