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  1. Wow! Definetely going to follow this! Can't wait to finally fight on the mountainsides in norway!
  2. Sindrio2

    NORAF WIP Thread

    Awesome stuff as usual! So how are things going with vehicles? Or are they put on hold for focus on infantry?
  3. Sindrio2

    NORAF WIP Thread

    Been watching this for awhile. Awesome work! Really looks like top notch quality! Can't wait for more :)
  4. Sindrio2

    Norwegian Units

    Awesome work as usual Vasilyevich! Love the quality of it! I don't know about others but I preferred the previous woodland camo on the vehicles. As the woodland pattern you put in now doesn't look/feel norwegian, IMO. But I might just be nitpicking here. But I would love to see the all green camo again :)
  5. Sindrio2

    Issue since update v1.26.

    For your second problem, does it say: Installing microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 .cmd ? I got this problem after the update. I fixed it by going to my steam folder, searched for installscript.vdf and deleted those files that showed up.
  6. Sindrio2

    Since Update 1.26 i can´t Savegame

    Just jumped into a campaign mission and saved game. Can only revert or replay missions, both options restarted the mission. Pepe Hal; I went to documents folder/Arma 3/Saved/steam. There I can see folders with each scenario I have. I deleted one of the scenario saves and went to play that scenario again and saved. Could still not load. New scenario save folder showed up. And it is the same problem as Sandman mentioned. The folders are set to Read-Only, but toggling it off does not apply.
  7. Sindrio2

    Since Update 1.26 i can´t Savegame

    Got the same problem. All mods disabled, verified integrity of game cache and still the problem persists.
  8. Totally agreed. Tried driving around in the kuma the other day, and something felt really, REALLY off. I hope this problem gets attention from the devs.
  9. Sindrio2

    Is Arma 3's AI so unusually accurate? I don't think so

    This. When you are some hundred metres away from the enemy AI, and they insta-kill you from that distance it doesn't feel right. Im not saying they never should be able to have a lucky shot like that, but when it happens all the time it gets annoying.
  10. Sindrio2

    Update is out

    Not going to say for sure. But the new vehicles were supposed to come in february? Nvm. Read the announcement again. So where exactly are these "some new vehicles"? Couldn't find anything in the spotrep.
  11. Sindrio2

    Real Armor Mod

    Sounds fantastic! It is indeed weird that BI took the hit-point model instead of real penetration. Just waiting for a release and this mod will be on my computer in no time!
  12. Sindrio2

    A quantum leap - Arma 4

    A classic cold war period with the soviet invading europe. So many different factions to choose from in NATO forces, and lots of different soviet equipment. Perhaps even to stretch it to a world war 3? USSR + China + Many of the NATO countries. That is something I would like to see. Lots of diversity, and yet still something that isn't completely fantasy.
  13. Sindrio2

    Particles Of Explosions ALWAYS Round.

    Agreed. The round explosion looks very dull compared to reality, aswell as the sounds of the explosions. I've thought about this many times, but never came around to post anything about it. But as mentioned, this is not a priority at the moment.
  14. Fantastic work! In a game like Arma immersion really matters to me, and the sounds are a big factor in immersion. And the vanilla sounds doesn't quite do it for me. I can't wait till we get to hear what the HMG's on tanks are gonna sound like. In vanilla, I think HMG's on the tracked vehicles sounds weird. Tracking :)