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  1. mikethemadmonk

    Blank rounds

    No, I'm playing solo and anyway the antagonists are all brown. I have no mods. Forget this, it must have been a glitch. Working and killing ok now.
  2. mikethemadmonk

    Blank rounds

    Just started playing Apex. First mission, the rifle fires but seems to be using blank rounds, doesn't kill anyone even at close range. Very weird.
  3. mikethemadmonk

    Glove pie

    I have been trying for some time to get an explanation to this question, In the application, after starting "Glove Pie" and inserting the script, how does one associate it with the Arma 3. In a Utube video from "Royal Gamers" you are shown how to download, start the application and then insert the script. The last part is saving it. In the video the save options include Arma 3, where does this come from? What am I missing, is it just brain cells?
  4. mikethemadmonk

    GlovePIE speech recognition script for Arma2

    This is an awesome piece of kit, for someone who cannot remember which button, for which action! I have a slight problem, insomuch, that when I watched the Utube video on how to download and install Glove pie, after adding this script, it was saved as voice/ arma3 pie. I dont understand how the "arma pie" was in the save menu? It wasn't in mine! Anybody, please enlighten me.
  5. mikethemadmonk

    lasing the target

    I have the darter in the air and hovering but find it impossible to pin point the mouse over the targets because of constant movement of the uav. What do I do, or what a#m I doing wrong?
  6. mikethemadmonk

    drag and drop

    Thanks for absolutely nothing! Had to find out from the makers of the game. you don't drag and drop! you right click. Couldn't anybody take the time to help.
  7. mikethemadmonk

    drag and drop

    I am a complete newcomer to this game, so forgive me for posting this stupidly simple query. I have just started boot camp and have been told to put the OCS sight on my rifle. The drag and drop looks simple to do but doesn't work for me. When I press "I" to bring up the contents of the container,:confused::confused::confused: I am unable to do as instructed. If I click on the rifle sight and attempt to drag it to the right and to my rifle the box turns red and it doesn't work. Please anyone, what am I doing wrong?
  8. When I try to aim the rifle the right mouse doesn't bring up the gun sight?