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    ATLAS Squad Manager

    Thanks Hywel.....I'm trying to rip it off H6......I've probably lost a few brain cells in the process LOL!
  2. spacecadet

    ATLAS Squad Manager

    Hello Hywel, nice work man love it. I play a lot of single player, is there any way for you to allow the player to recruit custom Ai....I've been looking for a Mod where I can have ai join my team and have them leave at will...... similar to how it works in Hunter Six....that'll be AWESOME! thanks for your hard work.
  3. hello, Alive crashes on loading screen in the Editor after I put the Ai commander module down.....any idea how to fix?
  4. Not that I'm aware of, it seems to use the radio 0-0-...for it's comm., but it's a heavily scripted misson. As far as frame drops, I don't have anything to monitor my fps, but I do not notice any stutter or slow downs...I have a pretty beast of a PC running 4 way sli. @3.5ghz but this Arma so I do get drops but not in this case
  5. ok so I removed all mods except CBA since it's a dependent, the mods played ok until about 4 or 5 saves later then nothing happens when press the caplocks key. it may just be a problem with Huntersix cause I was not able to replicate the issue with any other mission. This weekend I will have more time to test it. BTW, I play on the stable build, and use playwithsix as my mod manager. cheers,
  6. Hello, first I must say this is the most AMAZING mod ever for Arma 3. I finally see the potential of playing this game for years and years to come. however, same as the previous user, I'm having the same issue with it not working after SAVING in Huntersix, yes I'm using other mods. I will try to remove them and also test other missions. but I must say GREAT work man! cheers