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    Check if unit exists

    thanks @Grumpy Old Man looks great! :) can you tell me how to count all players in the heli too? and: does !(_unit isEqualTo objNull) work with _unit1, _unit2, ... or did i miss something there?
  2. Hi there, does anybody know how to check if a unit exists? i have set a group of 5 units. i named them unit1, unit2, unit3, ... i have done this to play the mission with 5 people or less. when there are less than 5 players ai will be disabled. in a helicopter extraction i have set the condition for a waypoint to: ((!alive unit1) OR (unit1 in heli)) AND ((!alive unit2) OR (unit2 in heli)) AND ((!alive unit3) OR (unit3 in heli)) but this will only work if all units exist. so i need a way to check if the unit is present. thanks for your help. sariel
  3. i have 3 ... revive only works with 3 ... tested
  4. this can't be the problem. when i use: respawnTemplates[] = {"Revive", "Spectator"}; they DO respawn ... but as players, not as spectators. so the respawn tickets can't be limited... or did i not get your point?
  5. you sir, are the real mvp. thanks for your great help! The "smoother way": i set the forceRespawnDelay to a high value because i dont know how to turn off the feature to be able to force the respawn when waiting for the revive. also i dont want the players to respawn as a player when their revive time is over. i tried to respawn them as spectators and used: respawnTemplates[] = {"Revive", "Spectator"}; but after a player dies he respawns as a player at his last position. so i used: respawnTemplates[] = {"Revive", "MenuPosition"}; and placed no respawn points so they can't respawn. but i want them to be spectators... any ideas? :)
  6. Hi, when i use the following code in my description.ext the revive system works pretty well. respawn = 3; respawnDelay = 15; respawnTemplates[] = {"Revive", "MenuPosition"}; respawnOnStart = -1; reviveForceRespawnDelay = 100000; when a player gets revived he unfortunately looses all his gear and gets it replaced by the standard equip. does somebody know how to fix this problem? and: i use "MenuPosition" and "reviveForceRespawnDelay" with no positions set to avoid the players respawning. is there a smoother way to do so? setting "Revive" as the only template only causes players to respawn at their last position. thanks for your help. sariel
  7. this script works well on a3 maps but it does not on ported a2 maps. i know it maybe can't find the old citys but it also doesn't work with placed markers... any ideas?
  8. sariel

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    sounds like a nice idea... buuuut there are no mods running and they change their behaviour...
  9. sariel

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    nice! works very smooth... is it possible to militarize an area with soldiers who are always on "safe" behaviour (until they notice an enemy)? it looks a bit stupid when they start aiming or crouching randomly... thanks for your help :)
  10. seems to be a bug - it doesnt beep with yes, it doesnt beep with no ... any other ideas?
  11. yes it does but i think it isn't worth the work to plug in earplugs just for a little louder sound isn't it?
  12. is the tinnitus implemented yet or why does it not work for me?
  13. when ace_hearing is synced to a player is there a reason why i don't get good'ol tinnitus when fireing a mg - or is it simply not integrated (yet)?
  14. is it possible to toggle the interaction menues? it think it would be very useful when you wouldn't be forced to keep the button pressed.