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  1. I've got the newest version of elitness working fine, the only thing is when I unpack a pbo and change a couple units in a file, and save it again as pbo, when entering the scenarios in game it causes me to crash, anyone else with same issue? Edit: Figured it our, user error, works perfect now.
  2. You are a godsend sir, I have figured out what my issue is. I've failed to realize just how much of a complete newb I am when it comes to missions creations, editing and Arma in general =/
  3. Maxiim

    PBO Manager

    Anyone have a link to this tool anywhere other than Armaholic right now as it seems to be down.
  4. Maybe I'm a little retarded when it comes to Arma haha but I cannot seem to get this to work, and for instance if I add both the PBO file and folder to the Arma 3/missions folder in game I end up with 2 instances of the same scenario, one starts up(.pbo) the one thats the actuall folder does not. So basically when I only have the folder part of this mod in the missions folder it appears in game but clicking play does nothing, where as when adding the PBO file in there allows me to start the scenario but no changes are made from the files mentioned above. As far as changing those lines I've done so and still cannot get it to work, any help would be appreciated.
  5. Great mission, one of the first I picked up off of Steam when I started playing Arma 3. Was wondering though if anyone had figured out how to edit the starting CP amounts perhaps just for fooling around, as a few bugs have forced me multiple times to restart that campaign.