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    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Hey Nord, I just want to come back and say THANK YOU for coming in and putting your time and resources into this. The mid level textures are a HUGE problem in the game. I cannot believe some of the GARBAGE that BIS let out in their FINAL VERSION of the game. That should have been fixed in Alpha.
  2. Hopefully, someday EA will release them. I've seen the stats on Frostbite 3 now, and its amazing. Supposedly it can span 8 CPU cores. It was made to work with Mantle. If you have a Radeon GCN card, its going to be awesome. I'm not really a fan of Battlefield, but if we could adapt this engine for large scale simulations...
  3. I think I see the problem...
  4. Harbinger2456

    Tanks, thermal imaging, weapon loadout and ammunition

    And your proof is? Wikipedia? If its so classified, how do you know?
  5. Oh yeah, we had mods make a Mustang and an F22? jet ( something like that ) way back in the days of Crysis Wars. They fly about as good as Arma jets ( which isn't much in my opinion ). Vehicles are about as good as Arma as well. The engine is also actually capable of VERY large landscapes, but they have it locked out in the engine ( and never did unlock it ). I don't think they really wanted to mess with large landscapes. They just wanted small islands with a lot of objects and foilage. Engine capable, game team not. There are some pretty good mod tools as well, but a LOT of stuff "disappeared" when the Crysis forums were changed for C2. A lot of modders got pissed off and left. Haven't seen them since. Amazingly, a lot of mods seem to have "disappeared" from the forums as well. Its like Crytek didn't want to acknowledge CryEngine 2 anymore, even though a lot of people thought CE3 was just a gutted console version of it. Money talks. Even Yerli, the owner, who loved to chat with people during Crysis Wars, also quietly disappeared. Now they've changed their forums again, and its a ghost town. Good luck even finding a mod to talk to. The spammers have basically taken the place over. If you want to buy a stove over the internet, Crysis forums is a good place to find it!
  6. Harbinger2456

    Tanks, thermal imaging, weapon loadout and ammunition

    Oh yeah, totally agree about top armor. Its amazing how little they put on top. They're just asking for it. Not just missiles, but also from advanced CBU's, large airborne cannons, and laser guided iron bombs. Also about IFVs. The BTR-90 is about the nastiest thing I have ever seen. I would hate to go up against that killer in a real fight.
  7. Harbinger2456

    Hacks being distributed in an addon, what to do?

    Nah, they would have hid it in the scripts. In the INF game, it was pretty obvious when we ran across a strange looking function called "Demon Egg".
  8. Hey, got to get my $60 back somehow. :) ---------- Post added at 01:57 ---------- Previous post was at 01:55 ---------- Walking around watching the raging battle in DCS after you eject, is in some ways more fun than Arma at times. I and others are pushing for vehicles and real infantry, and with EDGE coming, we just might get our wish.
  9. There's not that much "magnitude" here. Look at DCS. Altis would be nothing but a tiny island of a VAST continent in that game.
  10. Harbinger2456

    Hacks being distributed in an addon, what to do?

    ESP - cheat to show where all the enemy are. Had two pretty trusted coders do this to us in the UT1 mod Infiltration. They wrote some weapon scripts for new weapons. People even used them in tournaments. What no one knew for a while, is that they had loaded them to the hilt with cheats! They were finally caught by other programmers and thrown out of the community. Funny how they were always winning!
  11. Harbinger2456

    Tanks, thermal imaging, weapon loadout and ammunition

    Lol, hey, its nowhere I can find. I've seen stuff like this before. You see something really interesting, like an Israeli tank's front armor being penetrated by an RPG, and then *Poof!*, it can't be found anywhere, ever again. Thinking back on the video, and the tank not moving for over 20 seconds, I think the crew was killed. I'll keep trying to find it. It was on the internet, uploaded by some Gaza terrorist group, I think around 2007.
  12. Harbinger2456

    A3 Poll

    Which sure doesn't say much for this game.
  13. Lol, THIS. ---------- Post added at 19:44 ---------- Previous post was at 19:41 ---------- I Agree. Arma has the right idea, they just need a much better engine. To me, it would be CryEngine, and a marriage with DCS. :p
  14. Harbinger2456

    Tanks, thermal imaging, weapon loadout and ammunition

    Yeah, I just tried to find it. I can find discussion of it (looks like it happened in 2007 in the Gaza strip ) but I can't find the video of it and the 1 pic that everyone wants to show is a fake. It shows the turret hit. Shows how good Mossad is at covering up things they don't want shown. The video I saw shows the hit smack dab in the middle of the frontal armor. There was a HUGE flash as it hit the tank, and it looked like someone had blown up a huge firework with all these streamers going everywhere and a big cloud of white smoke. The three Palestinians in front of the camera just freeze ( two were causing a diversion by pretending to have an argument, while the missleman was hiding behind a corner of the building near them, and popped out to shoot, scoring a perfect hit ). After a few seconds, they realize the tank is dead. It just sits there. The video goes on showing this for another 20 seconds or so, then they get out of there. Either the crew is too stunned to fire their 7.62 or .50, or they're dead. So, yeah, I believe.
  15. Harbinger2456

    Tanks, thermal imaging, weapon loadout and ammunition

    Actually, there is a video floating around on the internet, which shows an RPG-29 piercing the frontal armor of an Israeli Merkava MBT at about 20 feet away. Think it took place in the Gaza strip. That really made me take notice of the RPG-29. So yeah, if they can ambush you at close range, like in a Urban environment, they can pierce your frontal armor. I think it only killed the driver though, because after if pierced the frontal, there ( I think ), is an armored door separating the driver from the rest of the crew. Edit: Hmm, just saw the RPG-28 though. Actually, it looks easier to carry ( not as long ) and can pierce 1000mm. I'd say that's the new beast to fear, and I bet it wouldn't think much of frontal armor. Between Igla's and RPG-28's, 29's, the infantryman ( who can hide and go almost anywhere ) is getting to be a real threat to vehicles and aircraft.