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  1. Robertqx

    Firing Mode Reset Glitch

    Did you even read what I wrote? He hits the safety before going into the vehicle. Then he exits the vehicle, and selects a firing mode. Every time he selects a firing mode, he chooses semi-automatic, regardless of what the setting was prior to entering the vehicle. That to me is a glitch. There is no logical reason for the character to select semi-auto over another firing mode upon exiting the vehicle. The choice that makes the MOST sense is the setting that was set prior to entering the vehicle. So if the setting was fully automatic prior to entering the vehicle, the avatar should pick that setting again upon exiting the vehicle. Nothing else makes more sense unless someone can cite something that says real soldiers always select semi-auto after exiting a vehicle.
  2. Robertqx

    Firing Mode Reset Glitch

    That makes sense, BUT: Why wouldn't your soldier / avatar upon exiting a vehicle, switch the fire selector back to where he wanted it to be (as in, back to where it was set prior to entering the vehicle). That to me makes as much sense, if not more than having the avatar automatically switch it to semi-automatic regardless of the previous setting. Also, that still doesn't explain why the scope resets the range every time you enter and exit a vehicle, which is almost certainly a bug / oversight.
  3. Robertqx

    Firing Mode Reset Glitch

    I can't even login to that site. I tried with my username and password from here and it didn't work, and then I made a new account, confirmed it through email, and it still doesn't work.
  4. I only came to Arma because it is different from the arcade shooters, and has a much more sophisticated player base.
  5. Robertqx

    Firing Mode Reset Glitch

    It also happens even when you just change weapons, like from rifle to pistol to rifle. The firing mode is always reset back to semi-auto... this isn't realistic and it is surely a glitch / oversight.
  6. Robertqx

    Fast Ropes for Helicopters?

    I like it. How do we vote?
  7. Robertqx

    Firing Mode Reset Glitch

    So (I'm assuming this happens to everyone), when you enter or exit a vehicle (helicopter, transport to truck, quadbike, etc.), your firing mode automatically resets to semi-automatic (single bullet) regardless of where you've set it prior to this. I believe the sniper scope does the same thing in terms of range. This is problematic because you can be driving around in the quadbike and then happen upon an enemy, and eject quickly only to be stuck with semi-automatic mode while they are unloading on you at full auto. It is also annoying because if you forget to switch it each time you get in and out of a vehicle, you may be stuck in semi-auto mode when you think you're in full auto. Any way to get this to the attention of BIS (or will posting here do so)?
  8. I have a pretty nice system (3770k @ 4.6, 16 gb of 2400mhz GSkill, 840 Pro), but I just can not justify spending 550 dollars to get 12-15 more frames in the one video game I do play (Arma III) over my current card (7950).
  9. Robertqx

    Authenticity and Arma 3

    As someone who recently left Battlefield after playing for 8 years (Battlefield 2 had been one of my favorite games, but I didn't really like BC2 and hated BF3), I can't emphasize this enough. The Battlefield community is AWFUL. I mean horrendous. You kind of have to visit the Battlelog forums to understand what I'm talking about (many people on those forums will say the same). It is full of young, (honestly IMO) often vile adolescents and 20-somethings who want instant gratification, like looking down on people who don't buy "Premium," want EVERYTHING nerfed to a comfortable level, get off on "points" ("Headshot bonus! etc.) in games that aren't really meaningful and immersion breaking, have no interest in strategy or tactical or realistic gameplay, want markers indicating where all players on all teams are, permanent scope glare on sniper rifles, etc. The Arma community is in many ways everything the Battlefield / CoD communities are not. Where Battlefield players run from intellectual complexity and difficulty, the Arma community embraces it. I REALLY would not want this to change.
  10. Robertqx

    Sources For Tactics And Operations Manuals

    Nice, this is an outstanding list. Not sure why my thread on tactics got deleted, but yeah, probably because of all the arguing that was going on in there. Thanks for reposting the list.
  11. Robertqx

    Fast Ropes for Helicopters?

    Well if they think it is important / realistic enough for VBS, maybe they could get it to Arma as well?
  12. You may want to check your spelling before you start with the "stupid" comments. For example, "affect" is the correct term to use in your sentence: "...cause (apostrophe) the lighning (spelling) at higher distances doesnt (apostrophe) effect (affect) the ground..." Anyway, I think at the least the ability to remove foliage would be very helpful and not overly specific. This is a simulation game, right? You shouldn't have to move your position as a sniper because a few blades of grass or twigs are obstructing your view. Also, adding foliage to your ghillie suit would add to the realism and may help in closer distances regardless of what the engine does at longer distances.
  13. Robertqx

    5th Special Forces Group Public Nights

    Is this PvP or PvAI?
  14. I think a neat feature to add would be the ability to add local grass / bushes / vegetation to your own ghillie suit. Real snipers do this and it may not be terribly difficult to implement. I think it would be awesome to set up in a cluster of bushes, for example, and be able to add twigs / grass to your ghillie suit to blend in more effectively. Also, real snipers (or anyone) are able to cut grass / branches to clear line of sight to a target ... we should have the option of having a knife / implement to cut away vegetation to clear grass if necessary. Most likely not hard to implement and much more realistic.
  15. Robertqx

    Fast Ropes for Helicopters?

    Again, fast ropes don't HAVE to be used to deploy troops. However, real militaries have the option of using fast ropes and do, and so should we, IMO (along with flash bangs). You cannot land helicopters in the middle of cities much of the time, or on rooftops (some / most), but you CAN fast rope into these areas. Fast roping may not be optimal in all situations, but between not being able to deploy in that area period, and being able to deploy with fast ropes, obviously it is better to have fast ropes.