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  1. Hi all, 1) is there a very good Zeus tutorial in written form instead of videos? I look for something that goes into details, not a generic one please. 2) let's say, I want to spawn a Cheetah for my players, but I want to spawn it without any weapon or only with the .50 machine gun, not the grenade launcher. How do you do this?
  2. Hi all, I got the script below from rakowozz in this topic http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?183572-Best-method-to-place-objects-exactly-on-the-map. I placed some objects as Zeus in a map and saved the array of objects below with MCC. When calling the script, the objects get placed, but they are oriented in on the landscape, so towers don't stand straight, instead all look like the tiwer of Pisa. Do you have an idea, why the script below fails? BLUFORHQ.sqf: _savedobjs = [ ["EMPTY","Land_Cargo_Tower_V1_No1_F",[9363.06,22503.5,0],0,""],["EMPTY","Land_Cargo_Tower_V1_No2_F",[9231.2,22549.4,0],0,""],["EMPTY","Land_Cargo_Tower_V1_No3_F",[9335.79,22649.4,-0.0184917],0,""],["EMPTY","Land_HelipadSquare_F",[9225.45,22609.6,0],359.998,""],["EMPTY","Land_Cargo_HQ_V1_F",[9317.25,22553.8,0],265.58,""],["EMPTY","Land_Medevac_HQ_V1_F",[9310.99,22572.8,0],353.174,""],["EMPTY","Land_Cargo_House_V1_F",[9208.83,22546.9,-0.0979614],180.344,""],["EMPTY","Land_Cargo_HQ_V1_F",[9203.32,22638.1,0],262.17,""] ]; _null = [_savedobjs] call SMO_PlaceObjectsFromArray; Code of function SMO_PlaceObjectsFromArray: SMO_PlaceObjectsFromArray = { private ["_savedobjs","_counter","_objarray"]; _savedobjs = _this select 0; _counter = -1; _objarray = []; _count = count _savedobjs; for "_i" from 0 to (_count - 1) do { private "_obj"; _counter = _counter + 1; _obj = createvehicle [(_savedobjs select _counter) select 1, (_savedobjs select _counter) select 2, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; sleep 0.1; _obj setdir ((_savedobjs select _counter) select 3); _obj setVectorUp (surfacenormal (getPosATL _obj)); _obj enableSimulation false; _objarray = _objarray + [_obj]; }; };
  3. I would like to have MCC running on our server to create ZEUS missions. For this I want to run a custom misson file, not the MCC template mission. 1) is there a _text_ tutorial (not video) how to install it on a server? Never installed a mod on a server before 2) when I install it on the server, do all other players need to download the mod when only the admin accesses it?
  4. Hi all, I am a little confused. I just updated my A3 and wanted to open my mission. I get the message: You cannot edit mission, because downloadable content has been deleted.CATata I was pretty sure, that I did not use any content other than things, that are in my mission folder... but it looks, like I made a mistake. How do I identify what's missing in my mission.sqm plz? Thanks Michael
  5. I need you rhelp please: I integrated the script and it works fine, many thanks!!! I want to have a vehicle respawning, that can be used as a spawn. I created a unit: name: respawn_Zamak. Initialization: _nul = [this, 60, 5] execVM "vehrespawn.sqf"; I changed your script slightly: at top: _thisName = name _veh; Below I changed _veh = createVehicle [_vehtype, _pos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; to _veh = createVehicle [_vehtype, _pos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _veh setName _thisName; In the init.sqf I use this to make the Zamak a spawn point. newRespawnPos = [west, "respawn_Zamak"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition; This works until the Zamak respawns. Then it's not a spawnpoint anymore. Anyone has an idea how to fix this please?
  6. Many thanks vince, I hope, this works, will test tonight asap :).
  7. Hi all, we have trouble with Farooq's Revive script. It works perfect and I would love to use it, but when someone dies in a helicopter, there is a crucial bug and I am unable to fix this myself. What am I looking for? We need a possibility to revive fallen players. Best would be, if it works like Farooq's script: when someone dies, a timer counts down the time, how long the player can be revived. During that time, a player can approach him and use a First Aid pack or a Medi Kit to revive the player. As said above, we cannot use Farooq's script, as it crashes the game for a player totally, when a player is in a helicopter. My question to you: is there another revive script available I could use in my missions? It has to be a script version, as I don't want players to have specific mods installed when playing on our server. Thanks Smo
  8. Smoerble

    Farooq's Revive

    When someone dies in a helicopter, he cannot respawn. Even more, he cannot hit ESC to leave the server. I think, I have read somewhere, that this is a known bug? Is there a fix available please?
  9. Smoerble

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    I try to use the script version. My understanding is, that I only need to do the following: 1) copy files to my mission 2) change the init.sqf 3) spawn units AFTER the entry in the init.sqf Then every new unit should work with the new AI behavior. Is this correct? I don't get an error message, but I have the feeling, the AI acts as normal. How to test, if I implemented it correctly please?
  10. Hi all. I want a soldier to mount a static gun. When working directly in the editor, I used the following command in the INIT section of a soldier: this assignasgunner t_captureCity1_gun1; this ordergetin true; 1) Now I create a squad with a script (using BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; ). 2) Then I create waypoints for this squad. 3) Next, i want to tell the squad, that one of them should mount the static gun "t_captureCity1_gun1". How do you do this please?
  11. Hi all, I create some waypoints with a script. In some cases, I want a sniper to lay on the ground and target in a specific direction. How do you do this please? This is how I create the WPs: _returnValue = _thisGroup addwaypoint [(getMarkerPos _thisName),0]; _returnValue setWaypointLoiterRadius _thisRadius; _returnValue setwaypointtype _thisType; _returnValue setWaypointSpeed _thisSpeed; _returnValue setWaypointBehaviour _thisBehaviour; _returnValue setWaypointFormation _thisFormation; _returnValue setWaypointTimeout [_this select 7, _this select 8, _this select 9]; Can I change the direction of a waypoint to let the units aim? Or do I have to wait until a unit reaches a waypoint and then ask them to rotate? If so, how to do this please, when everything is done in a script? Thanks!
  12. Hello all. I want to use a variable in different sqf files. init.sqf: smo_ammoBoxLoadout = [""]; test1.sqf: player globalChat format["test: %1", count smo_ammoBoxLoadout]; error message: error in line 52: _a = count smo_ammoBoxLoadout; Error Undefined variable in expression: smo_ammoboxloadout I also tried to define the variable in init.sqf like this: this setVariable ["smo_ammoBoxLoadout",["test"], false]; Anyone has an idea please?