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    Building now showing on MAP

    Hi Everyone, I very rarely ask for help as I much prefer to research the answers myself, but Ive drawn a blank here, also I'm a bit of a noob at this. Using "pboproject" to pack my terrain into a "@" folder i get the error below. I followed the excellent tutorial "The Atlas V1" to this point with no errors. In the dos window all i get is this.... File error: a3\structures_f\households\house_big01\i_house_big_01_v1_f.p3d a3\structures_f\households\house_big01\i_house_big_01_v1_f.p3d is faulty or missing preproccessing files produced an error I dont expect everyone to help me with a solution, but if someone could point me in the direction where I can read about a fix I would appreciate it. Many thanks Yip
  2. One of the best mods ever to be released and one Ive been waiting for for a long long time. I know the pressures of making mods and releasing them. Looking forward to an update sometime which allows it to be used in Zeus, aparently something to do with the cfgPatches not defined by the author. Great mod, thank you so much for it ! Yip
  3. Yip

    Dynamic Survival Sandbox V1.0

    Looking forward to this being completed. I have recently started up a new dedicated server to host a low lag, easy to play interesting MP map on Stratis, this looks like just the right one. I therefore seek permission from you Ranwer to host this on a dedicated sever for all to use? Perhaps before that there needs to be a few additions? Yip
  4. @djtoothdecay - thanks, i never thought to do that, I should have but didnt, I blame the Man Flu ! @L etranger - Also thanks for the help, i will now download the newer version. Managed to use this script for a while last night and I have to say its fantastic, well done mate, keep it up! Yip
  5. L Etranger, fantastic work... But i think I am doing something really stupid... I have downloaded the file from http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18841 In the zipped file i see the following files... There doesnt appear to be a .PBO file to transfer across to the steam folder. This is the first time ive come across this and perhaps something silly im doing ( or not doing lol) Plus I have a severe dose of Man Flu ! sympathy is allowed :) Thanks in advance for any help... Yip
  6. Yip

    Altis Life RPG

    Thank you so so much for releasing this Tonic, your hard work spent on making this possible will not be forgotten and its appreciated by myself and a lot of people. Yip
  7. Yip

    [COOP/PVP1-60] CTI Survival

    Absolutely fantastic mission / map Genesis ! how the game should be played.. Do you have any ambition to add in an admin option for admins to allow a little help to players as the game progresses? And do you have a dedicated server with this version running on it 24/7, if not I would be prepared to fund this, perhaps we can chat ? Keep up the great work !
  8. Das, great suggestions, I have added some more to the first post, thank you for the advice. And to answer your query, yes it will be multiplayer.
  9. Hello all, I'm sure many good scriptors get asked all the time if they can help scripting on someones map, I find myself doing just that. I am also quite sure that most will have an idea they deem to be the best since sliced bread! I have a map concept which in terms of making and placing objects is minimal, but I will need various scripts to make the concept work. Therefore I am asking if any scriptor would like to be involved from the start. I am part of a group of guys who play regularly together, and we are all adults, and behave as such when playing, but also have a lot of fun, after all that's what the game is all about! If anyone is interested in helping us out, with a blank canvas, please get in touch, more information regarding the concept, and a list of the scripts needed will be discussed then. The type of scripts needed will have to include the following... * Earning money rewards form completing objectives. * Buying equipment (weapons) * Paying wages to players. * Paying Rent. * Marking out territory to a clan / community. * "Possible" integration with a website ( may not be possible ) Various others along the same lines. Thanks for reading.