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  1. Nice map! What did you use to make it?
  2. garycarlyle

    What do you want to see in the expansion?

    If I had to give my main wish it would be for the feature to cross servers so we can tie lots of servers together like Second Life to make big MP campaigns like in Heroes and Generals. Also, I would like to see more real world assets that we can relate to. Plus features relating to the lobby. I dont know why there wasnt more done with the lobby at launch for A3. Its too much the same as A2 for me.
  3. garycarlyle

    Petition against racism and holocaust denial

    I know this is an old thread but I am baffled why it was even allowed here. ARMA is a war game. Not a political tool. BIS try their best to remain politically neutral. Look ow BF$ was banned in China and to be honest I think it was warrented. Besides why shouldnt people be allowed to question the holocaust. I believe neither it wasnt true or it is true. I am open-minded. The word means something to do with being killed by fire and some of the worst single events for that were bombings of cities by the allies. Plus Stalin's Red Army committed some of the worst war crimes in history against the German civilians. Germany almost had its bloodline wiped out. We need to stop violence in general. Not just against Jews or any one race/ideology. That is why ARMA is so awesome as it allows us an outlet for our warlike nature without actually hurting anybody. If I had my war real wars would be decided in ARMA, if fought at all.
  4. garycarlyle

    WARFARE BE2 *Rubber Ed*

    This is likely my favourite ARMA mod now. Thank you. Although, is there any servers up for it? I played it a few times but cant find any now. I like the way you made the Benny mod more squad level tactical and simply more challenging and realistic.
  5. I have a problem with the missions on the dedicted server I have set-up. Rarely the Ai move ok but most of the time they just seem to be running on the spot. Also, when I shoot them they just vanish rather than like falling to the ground with that animation. Please help!
  6. Hi, I need help please. I have tried using TADST 2.4 to set-up a dedicated server for Combined Operations on both my rented dedicated server and local machine at home and I get the same error when accessing the server as a player. Something like, "Authentication Failed." It says player connecting and then player connected but then after a few mins of waiting for host it returns the above error message and returns me to the server list. Please help. :(
  7. garycarlyle

    Warfare BE

    I love this mod Benny. Thanks. I play whenever I have my free time. I agree with the comments above about the A3 artillery being overpowered. Although, I like the artillery computer. My preferred solution would be to restrict the range to max 1/3 of the map and also introduce an artillery tech tree. Seems a shame to me to get rid of the Artillery Computer function as a solution. I think making the investment needed via a tech-tree would be great as being spawn killed for minutes on end to be really frustrating but the artillery computer is really cool. Also it would make the scope of your mod even better. Next and maybe even more importantly, may I request better team-killer kicking please? Its really bad in Arma3. The"Americas Army" game on Steam handles it well. After 2/3 TK's people are kicked automatically or if they are just badly trolling the team can instigate a vote. The Arma voting system doesnt seem to be very effective. People either dont vote or people get kicked for nothing, Extremes. It is really hard to command while half your team are new players and are only good enough to TK.