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    Helicopter fly in height maximum?

    Thanks, setting the behaviour to careless works.
  2. I am trying to make a mission where units start in a helicopter flying at high altitude (say 500-800 meters). When the helicopter hits a trigger the units are ejected using a simple paradrop script. The problem is that, no matter what I do, the helicopter does not want to fly at this altitude. I start it out at 500 meters, I set its flyInHeight to 500, I set the waypoint (the only waypoint) to 500 meters AND set the flyInHeight again on that waypoint (can't hurt I guess). Even then, the helicopter completely ignores its waypoint and first decends to something like 100 meters. It does a couple of huge banked turns to descent quickly which completely ruins the mission because it's hitting all kinds of triggers and flying over enemies. Once it has reached the ~100 meter altitude it seems to go back to its waypoint. All I want is a helicopter to fly at 500 meters in a straight line, but whatever I do it completely ignores my orders and descends to about 100 meters before continuing. What's the reason for this? Is it not realistic for helicopters to fly that high? Is this a bug? To reproduce: just put a manned helicopter, put yourself as an AI in the helicopter (at least not pilot). Set its Elevation to 500 and use "this flyInHeight 500" as init line. Then put a waypoint somewhere straight ahead, far away (other side of Altis for example). Set its Height to 500. Start mission and you will see the heli first descends in all kind of weird circular paths, instead of just flying straight like I'm telling it to....
  3. That seems to work, thanks!
  4. I just drop it in via the editor as usual. Also, by task marker I meant the task destination module, not an actual marker, does your script work for that too?
  5. Hi, I want a task marker to follow a vehicle in a convoy (the marker should follow the vehicle as it moves). I have achieved this by syncing a Set Task Destination module (Destination: synchronized object) with the vehicle in question. It seems to work fine at first, until the driver of the vehicle gets out (for example; when he spots me or gets engaged). The marker is actually following the driver of the vehicle, and when he gets out the vehicle is no longer marked (but the driver is). How do I synchronize the Set Task Destination module with a vehicle rather than its driver, which seems to be the default? Can I achieve this via scripting instead of syncing? Thanks!
  6. What I found necessary is to add that 'script' to the Description.ext file, then go in the editor and open your mission and save it again (it seems if you don't save it it won't pick up changes from the description file??), and THEN save it as a multiplayer mission (export to multiplayer). Then it should work.
  7. Thanks, I didn't know you could add things to lists like that :)
  8. Hi, I have a co-op mission where a certain interaction should cause everything in a certain range around some object to be destroyed (eg buildings and trees), but the players and their vehicles should remain unharmed. I am using a simple script that loops through every item in 'nearestObjects' and damages it, but this also damages the units (even if allowDamage is set to false first). I solved that by checking first if the current object is in the player's group: _grp = group squadLeader; _units = units _grp; { if (_x in _units) then { // object is in player's group, do something else } else { // destroy it _x setdamage 1; } } forEach (nearestObjects [(getpos objPos), [], 250]); This works, the units don't get killed but everything around them does. Now there is one problem remaining however: if the units happen to be in a vehicle, it will be destroyed and the units will die after all. How can I extend this check to also skip the vehicles that units might be inside of? If a unit happens to be NEAR a vehicle that is no problem, that vehicle should just explode and kill the unit, only the vehicles that units are actually in should remain alive. I could simply check if _x is in the vehicle of the squad leader (eg "_x in vehicle squadLeader") but that doesn't cover everything because some units may be in another vehicle. In other words; how do I extend this check so that it skips every vehicle that has a unit from the _units array inside it?
  9. It says that it doesn't work in multiplayer though :(
  10. Hi, I am trying to use the Defense module to create a 'defend the base' type of mission. I came across this thread which has an example mission (extracted from one of the built in missions) which shows how to setup this module (I also found a youtube video which does the same thing). I set this up in my own mission and it worked, except that it was not spawning any vehicles. I tried everything and eventually figured out that it can only spawn vehicles if the 'spawn triggers' (trigger that defines the area in which units can spawn) contains a road. It seems the module doesn't want to spawn vehicles unless they can spawn on a road. It might also have to do with the size of the trigger, I'm not sure. I was wondering if there's any more info about this module? I am looking for a few things like: 1. How to control the number of units spawned? By default it spawns like 15-20 units each wave which is a bit much for my mission. I want more like 5-10 + 1 or 2 vehicles. 2. Can I make it spawn vehicles in the middle of nowhere too? I am using it on the Takistan (arma 2) map and there just aren't a lot of roads, I don't want to spawn the units near a road because they would take ages to reach the base. 3. Alternatively, can I select which type of units spawn in which trigger? For example: one trigger close to the base spawns only soldiers, while another trigger (near a road far away from the base) spawns only vehicles. Thanks for any help.
  11. Doesn't seem to work, still destroys like usual. Do I need to add sleeps or something? at the moment I have a Game Logic object near the building with this in the init box: fact = (getPos this) nearestObject 32425; fact setDamage 1; fact setDamage 0; fact setDamage 1;
  12. The dust cloud takes like half a minute to settle, way too long for a fade in :( Could you show an example of this? How do I spawn ruins? The FPS hit shouldn't be a problem as it's only one building, and it's on Takistan (the Arma 2 map) which is pretty good on FPS at least for me. BTW HideObject does nothing :(
  13. Hi, I want to create a two-part co-op mission where the first part ends with the destruction of a large building. I'd then like the second part to start off with that building already destroyed, but I can't figure out how to do that. I can get the building object via its ID and then destroy it via setDamage, but it will only start to get destroyed when the mission starts, and everyone can see it sink in the ground in a big pile of smoke. Is it not possible to skip that and just start with the rubble to begin with, without any of the 'building is being damaged' effects? In other words: how do I replace buildings by their destroyed counterparts without actually destroying them "live" in the mission? Thanks.
  14. That's what I said, I am doing that but the second convoy doesn't move :(. Also reported already by z80cpu on this very page.
  15. Hmmm it might be a mod, yeah, didn't think of that. Annoying! Did the bomber actually run toward the truck when you tried it? I'll see if I can find which mod it is... I don't really know which mods do what because I just installed the mods a friend recommended. Here's what I am running, maybe someone has a clue? I suspect the TPW mods (they are for civilian life right?)