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  1. The old stuff looks better then the new stuff? lol
  2. Zhenpo

    Admin not working

    Yeah I've tried that.. Doesn't work, I did #login mypassword and then i tried to kick a guy causing problems and nothing happened and none of the other admin commands would work.
  3. so I've added my GUID and stuff to the Admins.xml and I've also tried logging in as admins and none of the admin commands are working. Would anyone be willing to help me out with this?
  4. Pretty sure most rented servers can handle the specs to run the missions, but I can understand this as well since I've seen an increase of users making and hosting they're on servers own personal PC's or home servers using steam. I can certainly understand the fact that they're upset people are using they're work without permission, but I see nothing wrong with taking someone else's mods/missions and modifying them and building on top of it to making it your own, this has been going on in so many industries, it's pretty much common practice and usually things are okay as long as credit is given where credit is due. Obviously you either didn't read what I wrote or you just skipped past it because you don't care? ( I detect a hint of an attitude or something... ) Point is I run my own server, so do many other gaming community's, clans etc who love the original mods/missions that the dev's created (because they are usually the best, and well made, less buggy) Forcing us to play on those limited servers prevents us from recruiting in our own servers, holding event's etc and is a waste of money on our servers since we have to play in the other limited servers which we can't recruit in or host events in. But all in all I was just wondering why exactly they do this and I can understand it to a point, but honestly it really isn't that hard to copyright your work if your that worried about it. Copyrighting has been around for a long time.
  5. Never meant that it was BIS's fault, and I'm talking about a SA Matra's wasteland and a few other Wasteland ones, as well as this Life one http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?162249-From-the-creators-of-Stratis-Life-ArmA-3-Life It just boggles my mind I've never seen Dev's who are so uptight with they're work. Releasing your work for testing while its still in the testing phase isn't a release in of itself, its giving it to the community for testing to get a larger feedback spread. True it causes a list full of servers with buggy missions but that's the whole point, people who play these mods will usually come back and give feed back on whats running right or wrong. And the people hosting this missions should include in the server name which version they're running so people know whats still in development etc. I agree with this, rushing into releasing stuff just to get content out doesn't work.
  6. I was just wondering why the teams developing these missions/addons/mods are so exclusive with they're stuff? They seem not to want the community at large to host they're stuff unless you gain specific permission and they install it on your server for you. I understand that they're developing and testing but the best way to test is by letting the community at it and getting feedback from many different communities and people instead of loading it on your servers and forcing people to play on your servers just to play a specific mission that they like. This definitively does not work well especially with large and medium gaming communities who run they're own servers to recruit, hold events etc. I'm repetitively new to Arma series and how addons and stuff work but I played Counter-Strike 1.6 and with the Amxmod system and all the devs, I never seen anyone in that community be exclusive with they're stuff and the community worked great. It seems in this Arma dev community some of the dev's work against each other like they're competing instead of working together to make great missions/mods/addons for the community. It just doesn't make sense to me.
  7. So I rented a 30 slot server and I'm looking to run wasteland with inidb to save players gear etc but I cannot find any instructions on how to do this, the only instructions I've seen are for steam user hosted servers, can someone help me with this?
  8. So I've been searching all over the net but every guide I've found is for installing mods/addons on user hosted servers. Issue is I have a server hosted by a game company and I want to use some of these mods but can't figure out how to install any of them. I want to run a SA Matras Wasteland server with Inidb (to save player stuff so it doesn't disappear when they leave and keeps them coming back) etc but all the guides I've found aren't helping since they're for steam user hosted servers.. Can anyone help me out with this?
  9. Sorry but these instructions don't really explain anything, are you saying the mission has its own init.sqf that I need to put "call compile preProcessFile "\iniDB\init.sqf";" in? or the actual init.sqf file in the pbo source folder? the mission doesn't have its own init.sqf file... Or can this not be used on mp missions such as wasteland? Would be nice if someone actually posted instructions on how to install this on a rented server with wasteland since none of the wasteland maps have a init.sqf file :/