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  1. Oh how I love this letter & the response :notworthy:
  2. I'm trying to very simply create a flying helo, move a group into it's cargo (pre-defined editor group), set the fly height, and get him moving to a markers position. The helo spawns & I get errors regarding the FlyInheight & MoveInCargo. I thought we could use the handle (helo1) to refer to the vehicle? Also, helo1 will move to the marker position via the DoMove command, if I comment out the non-working parts. Why can't I use the handle helo1 to access the vehicle with the other commands, moveincargo & flyinheight? helo1 = [[(getMarkerPos "b1") select 0,(getMarkerPos "b1") select 1,300], 0, "O_Heli_Light_02_F", east] call Bis_fnc_spawnvehicle; {_x MoveInCargo helo1} ForEach Units para; helo1 flyinheight 300; helo1 DoMove GetMarkerPos "b2"; rpt: Edit: Or is the handle referring to the pilot and not the vehicle itself?... That's the only thing I can think of, since the move command works but the others don't.
  3. David77

    Any monster dual cores?

    Oh okay. I figured if I had a very fast dual core as opposed to a quad core at lower hz per core, the game would run better. I hadn't realized the game utilizes more than 2 cores effectively. To much bad info out there I guess. Thanks for the infoz. Regards, David
  4. Yeah it's surprisingly like Arma lol. Very cpu intensive. SOE along with BI, built the game(s) around single core monster processors. EQ2 still has bad performance compared to what it should be, with today's available hardware. It does look very good though for a dated game.
  5. David77

    Is the game dumbed down?

    Neither. I support closing any pointless thread. Especially when the subject can only lead to uncivil debates and/or going in circles. Believe me... it has nothing to do with helping the mods. As I don't even agree with most of the things ... << is where I'll just stop :).
  6. I was wondering if there are any monster dual core processors available. Seeing as the game utilizes only 2 cores, the lavish cpus of today apparently suck for playing the game. If i were to have a very fast dual core, say like 5ghz per core, would performance improve drastically? I've an i5-2500k atm, the game runs smooth in most cases. But for max performance, I'm hesitant to OC though as I've never done it & don't like to void warranties. I'm not a computer wiz, so what I've said maybe makes little or no sense at all.
  7. David77

    A good review and cpu/gpu benchmark by Tech Spot.

    Read your final words quote. I don't think they're very familiar with the franchise at all. Arma3 is GPU intensive? They recommend using SLI or crossfire? Also saying you should especially overclock if you have an i5? i5 have good mhz on each core already compared to a host of i7s. If anything you need to overclock the more lavish cpus that have many lower mhz cores. LOL I'm not a computer guru, but I know the game doesn't utilize the hyperthreading stuff very well.
  8. David77

    Wondering how accurate Arma III is?

    The game officially doesn't support / help train military forces & that's not the point of the game. Some people simply enjoy the tactical aspects that can be had with the game. Most with little or no military background. On another note, I'm sure there are some military persons who use the game to improve their real world tactics. But that can be said for nearly any FPS.
  9. David77

    Is the game dumbed down?

    Who would have thought someone would ignore what they've already read over & over. However, by your logic, if we do ignore those things, it causes the thread to go in circles? Makes 0 sense. Why would i want to give my attention to things that have been discussed & argued about repeatadly... in the same exact thread at that? /boggled
  10. Well in all fairness, eq2 and wow were released around the same time in 2004. SOE weren't the ones doing the copying. If anything, WoW was a dumbed down, cartoony, wannabe EQ1 clone. Only later in EQ2's life were there shades of wow cloning. IE; Instanced PvP. Which makes me puke. Aside from that, EQ2 is nothing like world of warcraft. Well atleast it wasn't when I stopped playing a little less than 2 years ago. Don't get me wrong I dislike carebear land known as WoW. Which is why I chose EQ2 back then. The models are far more authentic / realistic. Not to mention eq2 has a crazy amount of abilities /spells compared to wow. 8 - 10 hotbars anyone? All without the crutch known as global reuse (cools). haha I hope you're wrong about EQN aswell =P. But I'm not very hopeful either unfortunately =/. The thread wasn't about discussing the game though, it's more about having a good laugh at the video.
  11. David77

    Is the game dumbed down?

    If you read the entire thread, you would see I did debate. I don't consider debating as going in circles, stating the same exact things over & over, bringing up no new & valid points. ---------- Post added at 19:02 ---------- Previous post was at 18:59 ---------- You think this thread has the devs attention? I think they use the feedback tracker instead. I don't think the devs visit this ginormous argument that's called a thread, to evaluate what improvements need to happen. Also, what flamebaiting is there? The same exact topics have been brought up over and over. It doesn't take flamebaiting to cause the thread to go in circles. ---------- Post added at 19:14 ---------- Previous post was at 19:02 ---------- +1 Exactly. So how can the game as a whole be "dumbed Down"? I don't think some members know what it means for a game to be "dumbed down".
  12. David77

    Wondering how accurate Arma III is?

    Yes the game can be used to practice procedures and tactics. The game is set in 2035, but doesn't mean it can't be played using real world tactics & concepts. It's still Arma & people who enjoy the tactical side of these games, will still be able to set up scenarios however they deem.
  13. yeah. They did ruin Eq2 over the last couple of years. The last good xpac for PVE was SF. For PvP it was TsO. With DoV everything went down hill big time. Idk about "trying to make it like WoW"... what about eq2 besides the implimentation of BGs, is like wow? The graphics / models are nothing similar. The PvE is nothing similar. There is no global reuse (aka cooldowns), there are far more abilities for any given class, waaaayy more races & classes. Atleast they brought contested avatars back in eq2 though. Something I never thought would happen again. If what you mean is that they dumbed the game down, then yes. The only shitty thing about eq2 is when it went f2P & the wonky cash shop bullshit. When it was purely sub based it was great. The only thing similar to wow in regards to EQN, that I can see, are the models / graphics. All else will be "new". "Good" is a different story however. I can only hope it's a sub based model. F2P crap is ruining the genre imo. in regards to F2P in general, now it's not about clearing content for gear, it's about opening your wallet for the cash shop to make shit loads of ingame currency, to buy gear off of an AH. Gear that should be BOP in any case. Totally defeating the purpose of playing the game. So players can stand in a safezone with the inspect window open, admiring their gear... for what reason idk.
  14. David77

    BF2: Project Reality 1.0

    I'm not understanding. I only briefly dabbled in BF2, ages ago. I thought PR was old news for that game?
  15. This is one of my favorite franchises. I've always enjoyed them.