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  1. Ahh I see what's happened. I might need to consolidate the errors a bit so it doesn't run the spawners when it detects an error. What has happened is you have 2 factions set at the start (["Cavalry", "Kamistan"]) then later you have 3 items in some of the arrays, so it's picked up an error and not saved the factions data. To fix it just clear out the 3rd empty array in _FactionMotVeh, _FactionCrewTemplates, _FactionMechanizedVeh, _FactionMBT, _FactionPilots, _FactionTransportHeli, & _FactionCAS Thanks for all this, it's helpful for me updating the next version to be more user-friendly.
  2. Comma at the end of the array shouldn't be there. It isn't in the code you posted though, so just double check you've got right file open/saved. When you get those errors, look for the # symbol and it'll show you where the issue is.
  3. Line 19. You've missed some " marks for the tank classname.
  4. syhrus

    Get road type?

    Oh Nice! I couldn't work out a way to get the road's direction. That's super helpful!
  5. syhrus

    Get road type?

    Not especially, the only difference is isOnRoad returns boolean, and roadAt returns the road object itself. Using roadAt would only increase the number of checks to make.
  6. syhrus

    Get road type?

    Sorry to resurrect a long-dead thread, but this thread comes up first on the google results, and I found a hacky solution to this issue today: Different road types are different widths, so with a little math, and and a few logic gates, you can estimate the kind of road the object is on. For example, the sealed highways on Malden are ~12m across, the sealed country roads are ~9.5m and so on... Using that knowledge, you can use isOnRoad to get five points: object position, and 5.5m in front, behind, left, and right of the object. If at least four of these return true, you're on a sealed highway, if not, check again at 4.5m, if four of those return true, you're on the country road and so on. Here's the code that'll do it: EDIT: I'm a dumb-dumb. You can get the road directly and work from there You can use isOnRoad and NearRoad to test 4 points around the road at various radii to get the width of the road more accurately. If all 4 return true, you know what size the road is. Keep in mind that all road pieces return North for GetRelPos [X, 0] and so on, so occasionally you might not get the right answer. It's worth noting that this is not a perfect solution. Intersections will return "highway" when they're actually gravel roads, and some angles may return "no road", but it'll work fine in most situations aside from that. _radii = [0, 3, 4.2, 5.75]; _types = ["no road", "gravel road", "sealed road", "highway"]; _type = (_types select 0); _currentTest = 1; while {(_currentTest < count _radii)}do{ _nearestRoad = ((vehicle player) nearRoads (_radii select (count _radii - 1))*2.5) select 0; if(isNil "_nearestRoad")ExitWith {}; _left = isOnRoad (_nearestRoad getRelPos [(_radii select _currentTest), 270]); _right = isOnRoad (_nearestRoad getRelPos [(_radii select _currentTest), 90]); _behind = isOnRoad (_nearestRoad getRelPos [(_radii select _currentTest), 180]); _front = isOnRoad (_nearestRoad getRelPos [(_radii select _currentTest), 0]); if (_left && _right && _behind && _front) then{ _type = _types select _currentTest; }; _currentTest = _currentTest + 1; }; hint format ["player is on %1", _type];
  7. Here you go: https://www.mediafire.com/file/f3749dpf4uu81ld/Dynspawn_Example.Stratis.zip
  8. Ah yes, in that case there are random waypoints given in most spawners, and others that give vague "attack here" commands after spawning.
  9. So if I understand correctly, you would like it to keep track of custom placed units and their waypoints? In which case, no it doesn't. However that is within my ability to add that function in future. Is does cache units when players move away, and then respawn them if the players return.
  10. Hi all, I'm usually just a lurker here, but I thought I'd release my dynamic spawning system seeing as I've finally got it to the point where I'm happy to hand it out to people. So, without further ado: What is it? The Dynamic Spawner is a system that dynamically spawns units with custom loadouts, faces, voices, etc. This can add variety to your missions by giving you the ability to create factions that normally don't exist in the game - WITHOUT needing extra mods (other than gear/weapons if you want modded ones). Handy for public servers that want to avoid using mods, or for groups who want to have special factions for their scenarios without needing entire mods for new factions. How do I use it? 1. Unzip the files into your mission file, and add the following to your init.sqf: 0 = execVM "SyDynSpawn\DynamicSpawnerInit.sqf"; 2. Place down units in your mission (disable their simulation/model/etc) and give them the custom loadout you want. 3. Give the leaders of the groups relevant names. 4. Insert the names of the group leaders, and classnames of vehicles into the factions.sqf (check attached readme for details on how to do that) 5. Place down Game Logics where you want to spawn units and follow instructions in the readme file to set them up to spawn how you want. Example Mission here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/f3749dpf4uu81ld/Dynspawn_Example.Stratis.zip What does it not do yet? I've added base elements for CAS and Helicopter reinforcements, but haven't implemented a spawner for them yet. This will be added in future. Where do I get it? Here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nb01br9o3pu9p3v/SyDynSpawn.zip Anyways, let me know if you find bugs or have questions/suggestions for future features.
  11. Sorry to post this in a two year old thread, but this came up first when googling the error, so... I have found just recently that if you have the script attached to the vehicle instead of the pilot/squad leader/etc (easy to do in the editor by accident), the GETOUT/TR UNLOAD waypoints won't work correctly. Fix this by either making sure you have the pilot selected when you attach the script, or by using driver VEHICLENAME to select the driver, not the vehicle. *lurks away*
  12. syhrus

    Defend module Error

    FIX: After a bit of digging I found a fix to this. Sorry if I'm awakening an old thread, but this was the first one to come up on a google search, so I thought I'd post this here to save people time: To get the module to work since the Zeus update, you need to sync a GAME MASTER module in place of a curator. As far as I can tell you don't need an actual person to play as Zeus however.
  13. Is it okay for me to reply to this thread so I can send a PM to a mod maker for permission to use their mod in a compilation?