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  1. I think taking pictures in the Virtual Reality world gives images really bad lighting.
  2. Why don't you publicly release your mod updates? Edit: I dun goofed, he did
  3. China - PLA Infantry (Alpha)

    great update thank you so much
  4. I have two pieces of criticism, firstly when in the drop pod there should be some head bobbing as well, secondly the visor outline needs some improvements. Overall thigh it's looking good.
  5. Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) [v0.90]

    looks very good btw is that a mortar in the background?
  6. HSO ArmA 3 SLA pack

    Is it just infantry in this pack?
  7. Irish Armed forces Mod

    I feel so stupid sorry that i wasted your time.
  8. I saw the drop pod vid, it looks very good but is there any chance to make the helmet shake separately?
  9. Irish Armed forces Mod

    you keep metioning IDF what is it? Isreal Defence Force?
  10. Just do what you feel is best really.
  11. GLT Mod for ArmA 3 - Work in Progress

    I'd take both ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  12. Mithril Custom camo

    Your pictures aren't working, just a heads up.
  13. I said no because the neophron is a perfectly good jet already and making a new one is just wasting your time and resources that could be better invested elsewhere.