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  1. It can, using technique such as spawning units via trigger, disable units simulation and etc. For MP, Headless Client could support up to the scale of hundred AI without overloading the server FPS.
  2. Well its a nay, the scripts continues after the function. Which my poor little character eject from the heli high from 100m and splash on the ground...looks pretty dead.
  3. Goal: How do I check if BIS_fnc_Unitplay was finished so I could execute codes such as bail out the AIs or deleteVehicle and etc.. Questions/Addition infos Or does it automatically detect if its was finished and jump to the next line of codes? I unPBO the official showcase "Commanding" and founded following code in its initMission.hpp file, but it still seem to be confusing to me... Anyone help me slove the puzzle? I tried with ["my helo name", "finished"] on its third parameter just as how BIS did, but doesn't work. _data = call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "Littlebird.sqf"; If (!([] call BIS_fnc_isCampaign)) Then {[bIS_Littlebird, _data, [bIS_Littlebird, "finished"], false, false, 0, 40] spawn BIS_fnc_unitPlay} Else { BIS_Littlebird disableAI "anim"; BIS_player action ["Eject", BIS_Littlebird]; unassignVehicle BIS_A1; [bIS_A1] orderGetIn false; BIS_A1 action ["Eject",BIS_Littlebird]; BIS_player setPos [2147.14,1877.83,0.00130177]; BIS_player setDir 320; BIS_A1 setDir 320; BIS_A1 setPos [2152.7,1879.28,0.00130939]; BIS_Littlebird setPos [(getPos BIS_Helipad select 0), (getPos BIS_Helipad select 1), 0.25]; BIS_Littlebird setDir 210; "BIS_mrkStart" setMarkerPos (getPos BIS_helipad); };
  4. Thanks mate, just saved my day digging in the wiki.(Didn't find what I want while searching it previously.) ;)
  5. Is there any command, eventhandler, or functions that detect specific units/groups, or simply player is in combat?
  6. :o Cheers mate, just notice what a foolish errors I had made.
  7. Vegatry

    Goggle trouble

    Just as Rocksteady said { if(side _x == civilian) then { removeGoggles _x; }; } foreach (allUnits);
  8. Intention: The purpose was I want the AI used for creating an ambient basement hidden when a checking trigger is activated to increas frame rates. (I want to save them for later use which deleteVehicle is not an option) May anyone help me debug it a bit, or any ideas to reproduce the script? (Example mission would be the best) Many thanks. Update: The error is known caused by the false usage of switch-case. The following script is my first attempts, which is pretty shitty and unshaped. As I expected, it failed to work :butbut: Its activated via trigger's onAct on Act = nul = ["dum1"] execVM "AIcache.sqf"; AIcache.sqf: _dummygroup1 = [dummy1, dummy2,dummy3,dummy4,dummy5,dummy6,dummy7,dummy8,dummy9,dummy10,dummy11,dummy12,dummy13,dummy14,dummy15,dummy16,dummy17,dummy18,dummy19,dummy20,dummy21,dummy22,dummy23,dummy24,dummy25,dummy26,dummy27,dummy28,dummy29]; _dummygroup2 = [dummy30,dummy31,dummy32,dummy34]; _typeOfDummy = toLower (_this select 0); switch(_typeOfDummy) do { case "dum1" { { _x enableSimulation false; _x hideObject true; } forEach _dummygroup1; }; case "dum2" { { _x enableSimulation false; _x hideObject true; } forEach _dummygroup2; }; }
  9. Vegatry

    Looking for a partner

    Perhaps taking a look on F3 Folk Framework, its very easy to use for MP scenarios designing [url]http://ferstaberinde.com/f3/en//index.php?title=Main_Page[/url]
  10. Does Unit capture 'capture' any usage of weapon? (Such as firing a missile) Or does it simply track target's movement only. :confused:
  11. good job to Wolfenswan! Finally AI caching is here!
  12. Vegatry

    Random civ headgear

    removeheadgear this; If you are using an array, replace "this" by the array you're using. Let's say _unit this select 0; you just need to change it to removeheadgear _unit;