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    How to make artillery support conditional?

    Connect the support module to a trigger using the synchronise function and put this in the condition field of the trigger: !(isNil "CanIhazArtillery"); Then, put this in the on act field of the task you talked about: if (isNil "CanIhazArtillery") then { CanIhazArtillery = true; publicVariable"CanIhazArtillery"; };
  2. IT07

    dont wanna use steam

    Dude.... why do you hate Steam? What reason would you have for that anyway? For me it is a great program where all of my games are in one place and where I can launch them from, join friends, see what friends are playing, chat with them, etc. etc. Just with one program. Why would anyone hate that?
  3. change this: if CreatesSupplydrop2Success == "true" then { into this: if (CreatesSupplydrop2Success) then { Should work :)
  4. True, true. That might be another thing to take into consideration.
  5. Wait I was having a tiny bright moment for a sec: What if a player fails the mission a few times at the same timestamp, (which isn't a small chance) he/she will get almost the same sound every time. So, if you really want to make sure that they won't hear the same stuff every time, you should use the method you described yourself: cut track in pieces and use a switch do with random command. I have a code example, will post that later if you need it.
  6. -- snipped -- I'm not having a bright day today lol.
  7. It is the blue/red container I guess. It should be in objects (military).
  8. Splitting the track into small sections and then let the script select one is actually a very bright idea and that would also be the closest you will get to your idea. So, do it :)
  9. Have you made any changes to the operating system or anything related to that? (hardware maybe) Maybe you have to defrag your harddrive if you have a normal one. (NOT an ssd. They aren't meant to be defragmented)
  10. You can try to add -noLogs to your launch parameters.
  11. Can you remember anything of the moment it started happening and what you did before that? (windows update, drivers update, general config changes to windows or the game itself)
  12. Does it happen on every server and since when are you experiencing this issue?
  13. IT07

    search for a ALIVE mission

    @Kremator: Where are you talking about?
  14. I guess you mean i7-3770K instead of i5? Anyways, to answer your question: are you using any kind of custom launch parameters or add ons that are not in the game by default?
  15. IT07

    search for a ALIVE mission

    Maybe. But it would be more like a slideshow. That goes 1fps per minute.
  16. IT07


    Could be scripts spamming your log files. You should try and add this to your launch parameters: -noLogs Basically everyone should launch the game with -noLogs because you do not need logs unless you are a developer debugging a mission.
  17. If you or your friend is hosting through their own PC's using the "new" or "new game" button, make sure the filter for Battleye required is set to no.
  18. You can try and update BE files manually. You can download them at battleye.com: http://battleye.com/download.html I have seen it before that some internet routers are a bitch to download BE dlls's with. Anyways, did this problem start recently or has it always been there?
  19. Wait a minute..... that code about fnc_MySystem is my signature. LOL That was not code you should have used xD
  20. Sounds almost like the default AK sound in arma 2. It is missing the punch and awesomeness.
  21. If using the Editor, you can put something in the NAME field or give a vehicle a name via sqf: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setName
  22. IT07

    Objects affect performance?

    Glad to help :)
  23. Yes I was looking into this myself as well. I had a script from ArmA2 which looked amazing but does not seem to work in ArmA 3 :( I will try it again soon. Maybe I did something wrong. If I succeed I will post the code here :)
  24. Start digging :) https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/