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  1. Play on a altis life server > exit > C:\users\*yourusername*\appData\local\ArmA3\MPmissionCache\ Then try and find the pbo that belongs to the server you played on, de-pbo it, and search :)
  2. "Out of ammo" or "low on ammo" seems to be a hardcoded function in ArmA. Try searching the wiki for a function that gives you what you want. If you can't find it, try to find another way of achieving your goal if you didn't already.
  3. IT07

    Dedicated Server Hardware Question

    I should really worry about the cpu and internet connection speed. And if I am correct, you want to host your own server without renting one? If so, you need to have a lot of knowledge of hardware and software if something goes wrong. But I still want to help you: make sure the cpu is a strong piece of tech and not a dual core. I should rather think of a good Xeon to run ArmA3 with. Memory amount isnt that important really, just make sure it's at least 4gb to give it enough head-room if needed. A3 also seems to use a lot of bandwith so a dedicated connection that is not being used by anything else other than the server would be optimal. You should be safe with at least 50Mb/s. Speed does not say it all though. Stability and reliability is also very important. Hope this helped.
  4. Google can be a very good friend, my friend: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Weapon_Config_Guidelines
  5. You can adjust your difficulty and see if it goes away. Might be grouped with crosshair.
  6. Do you mean you want to make a script that detects where a player puts a waypoint?
  7. tasks are local to your player? I don't think you can assign tasks to AI groups like you should assign them to human players.
  8. Do you mean that addons you download that are 7z or rar do not work in ArmA? If so, did you put the 7z or rar in the addons folder?
  9. You have a lot of addons I can see. Try disabling them all as well as any launch parameters you put in. If that does not help then you should be worried about the state of your hardware.
  10. Autospot mines is a difficulty option. And it seems quite hard to force difficulty, so you might have to rethink it.
  11. Thank you for your reply. It sounds like I need to get creative and test the unitPlay Behaviour. When I have, I will report my findings here.
  12. Hey all. So, here is what I am trying to make: DayZ Dedi server > dayz_mission > init.sqf > compiles.sqf > fn_selfactions.sqf > this script: // ---------------------------------------Server menu--------------------------------------------------- _mags = magazines player; // IT07's Server rules menu based on Krix his self-bb script if ("ItemBandage" in _mags) then { hasBagItem = true; } else { hasBagItem = false;}; (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ['KeyDown','_keyDown = _this select 1; if((speed player <= 1) && (_keyDown == 0x41) && hasBagItem && _canDo)) then { if (s_player_servermenu < 0)) then { s_player_servermenu = player addaction[("<t color=""#f2cb0b"">" + ("Server Rules") +"</t>"),"functions\spawn_rules.sqf","",-1,false,true,"", ""]; }; if (s_player_servermenu2 < 0)) then { s_player_servermenu2 = player addaction[("<t color=""#f2cb0b"">" + ("Server Info") +"</t>"),"functions\spawn_info.sqf","",-1,false,true,"", ""]; }; if (s_player_servermenu3 < 0)) then { s_player_servermenu3 = player addaction[("<t color=""#f2cb0b"">" + ("Player Tips") +"</t>"),"functions\spawn_tips.sqf","",-1,false,true,"", ""]; }; if (s_player_servermenu4 < 0)) then { s_player_servermenu4 = player addaction[("<t color=""#f2cb0b"">" + ("Credits") +"</t>"),"functions\server_credits.sqf","",-1,false,true,"", ""]; };']; } else { player removeAction s_player_servermenu; player removeAction s_player_servermenu2; player removeAction s_player_servermenu3; player removeAction s_player_servermenu4; s_player_servermenu = -1; s_player_servermenu2 = -1; s_player_servermenu3 = -1; s_player_servermenu4 = -1; }; // ---------------------------------------END of Server menu-------------------------------------------- I know that the code above does not work but this is how far I could get with my scripting knowledge. But here is what it should do: check for bandage in inventory > if yes then > check for player speed, if 0 then > if keyDown == 0x41 > display all addactions. Hopefully someone can patch this for me or tell me how to. Thanks a lot in advance!
  13. Hey there, Since I have been admin of a DayZ Server I like to make awesome looking loading screens for my players to enjoy :) But I ran into several problems which I find very annoying. First problem: When using JPG, the image has very ugly color banding on it. If the actual image is opened in a image viewing program, the color banding is not visible. For now, JPG is the best option for me because paa outputs HUGE file sizes. So my question is, can I avoid the color banding by saving it differently or is it just the game? Thanks in advance. Regards, IT07.
  14. Thanks for testing this. So, if you and your friend are not seeing the color banding, and my players on my server DO see it, then there has to be one cause which does this: The server. I am hosting with DayZ.ST so I will contact them if you think it might be the server. ^^^^^^DISREGARD THIS^^^^^^ //=== EDIT: Here is the solution: The image I have included here and which you tested, is a full size, max quality jpg. That means: NO color banding. I was just checking if you might get the color banding while I did not with the image you tested. Means: test successful. Why it shows color banding: do NOT save your loadingscreen as "save for web" if using Photoshop. Just save it regularly as a jpg and set the quality to 8. That is the best value for quality versus file size. If you think that setting 8 is still too large in terms of file size, try 7. It shows a tiny bit of banding which can only be noticeable by good eyes. Thanks for testing this with me, I have found the solution now :)
  15. Players also say they see the color banding. it's only with jpg though. Paa does not show color banding, but the paa version of the loadingscreen I posted is 1355mb... little bit too big lol
  16. This is the image. right now you don't see any banding, but when you see it as the actual loadingscreen ingame, it looks horrible. http://img.dayzsquad.com/img/loading.jpg (1141 kB)