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  1. @Nekro PhiladelphiaAfter many attemps i cannot make the scenario compatible with ALIVE. The framework is fantastic but too many systems conflict with mine.
  2. Hey thanks for sharing this, I will investigate. No ETA sadly as I'm just coming back to Arma. Hello there, sorry for your trouble. Could you also share your logs? Thanks.
  3. PS about Alive, Ground Zero is compatible with vCom AI (enemies will flank, get in mortars and use them, etc.). This should give you some interesting challenges. I may consider alive later but first I need to stabilize the game itself. DLC x Faction selection is really cool to build but since it is really dirty code and i'm not brillant either :D I will be back in 2 weeks from now, hope you'll have fun til then. Cheers
  4. Can you send me server logs? It should display which mods/factions were activated. I tested hours yesterday without a selection bug :( Could be: A bug (would not surprise me :p) Wrong votes / someone miss selected Not enough content in DLC/Mods + factions selected Just some vehicles not filtered properly because of their configuration in Arma
  5. Unfortunately not as far as I can tell, Alive would conflict with missions and AI scripts. A workaround would be to tell me what you use in Alive that Ground Zero would need.
  6. Not sure yet, I'm rebuilding a few systems to make faction selection easier. I have not been able to reproduce "empty uniforms". Torchlight vs handguns is normal at night though.
  7. @Nekro Philadelphia You may want to disable AH-64D Apache Longbow for ArmA3 by Nodunit and Franze, thousands of error lines in your logs. Advanced Towing Init: Ground Zero already has such a system, it will conflict DCON's V-44 Valkyrie (Beta) is not compatible with the way I spawn vehicles The admin panel but is also reported on other channels but I have not found the issue yet. But for your loading and crashes I definitely see the 3 mods listed above conflicting with content tables.
  8. Hello there, if I understand it properly this is due to a "Point of interest" mission type. You have to find the item (computer etc.) and grab it to deactivate it. The sound will drop, but also the noise source luring opfor units will be disabled. Hope this helped. Sorry for your trouble. I will need logs to investigate loading screen, could you provide me with this? To exclude Arma assets I believe the usecase is to filter all Arma 3 DLCs with the vote system. You need however enough content from your mods. If content tables are empty after DLC exclusion (say for example you have no secondary guns left) then the system will still include vanilla assets for the game to not break. DLC exclusion is however a piece of crap code, there is nothing working / covering all usecases automatically unfortunately. Again here logs may help me in case of a bug.
  9. New version live: new game mode, DLC exclusion logic changed to DLC selection, BWS zombies support and Kunduz fixed doors map support 1.57