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  1. Well, I guess this is the level of support I'll get. I'll wait for the full release and hope for the best. Thanks to those of you who tried to help, but a big thanks to BIS.
  2. Perhaps they aren't, but they are all Dev branch servers showing in the server browser. However the missing files shown in the screen shot above all seem to be related to the most recent update; if the servers I'm attempting to play on are not using those assets I would assume that I would be seeing a different error message. On top of that, this error extends to scenarios which certainly are using vehicles from the newest update (ie. Jesters beta showcase). I'll check server versions later today though.
  3. Yeah I tried that multiple times. The first time it said 3 files, and downloaded them. Every time I did that again (even after complete re-download) it said the game was good. And it still didn't work. I've now completely re-downloaded Arma 3 twice, and the issue is still there. Another verification says "All files successfully validated." I assume the files I need should the be in the Addon folder, but none of the files listed in the screenshot I posted above are in there. Could any one check to see if they have those files in any of their folders?
  4. The units that were added in this update don't show in the editor for me either, which seems to indicate that whatever needs to be downloaded has not done so for us. Having already reverted to the regular beta and then installing the DEV branch twice now, I'm not sure how to proceed. Is there a way to force a redownload of just the missing files? In regards to your discovery in the log, I'm able to launch Altis in the editor so I must have it. Perhaps we're missing different files (looks like I'm missing vehicles) but experiencing the same symptoms?
  5. As of today I am unable to join most multiplayer servers. Specifically invade/annex type games, even tried a Wasteland server with no luck. I was able to enter one game that was empty and seemed to be an older version of a mission. What usually happens is the game loads, Group Channel shows in the bottom left, there's a flicker of a squad select menu, and then it returns to the server browser with no error messages. This part may help more: I was also trying to play Jester's firing range scenario, which works fine when I resume from where I saved last time I played it, but gives me an error when I try to restart. The forum says I'm not allowed to post a screenshot until I make a post, so I'll link to a screenshot of the error below. I've tried verifying the game cache, removing DEV branch and re-downloading that data, and finally removing the game and re-downloading all 7+ GB. I have sthud and cba installed, but both are disabled. Anyone know what to do? ---------- Post added at 20:38 ---------- Previous post was at 20:36 ---------- Here's a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/ZZtOKRi.jpg (159 kB) Obviously it seems like files for the new units are missing, but if it's been verified and downloaded twice, something else must be going on...