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    L85a2 v3

    Hey Kiori, i love the L85A2, its hands down the best l85 out there despite all the competition :P. We currently use your old version in our repo, but we have been considering going over to the new one but a few things have been holding us back(Mainly our admins being busy). 1. The UGL has its sights always up, even when its not being used. 2. The Armaholic page says you have the susat in there, but its not(and i even looked through the source for it), so i assume its not coming back and is more legacy description than anything. 3. The elcan sight is really small, especially the numbers, and is hard to look through for its size, not very useful because of it. I've highlighted the difference here. 4. This version doesn't have tracer rounds. Now honestly at least for me this is not an issue, and i think if you were to fix anything, skip this one honestly. 5. The flash suppressor isn't visible , but again no big deal. Sorry for making it out to be like a long list of complaints, but right now I'm not the one stopping us from getting the new one, and I'd thought giving some feedback on what appears to be a final release from what i can understand.
  2. Hey shay, i love using MCC, it makes managing large Coops very easy, especially if something messes up. However recently we have removed the mod from our repo as several features were added that we had no interest in using, and the whole C shout thing was pretty nasty(We didn't update for a while). I was told that if we were ever going to re add MCC, it would have to be heavily modified as the newest versions have added things like its own medical system, keybinds, survival elements among other things that we don't want. My question is there a plan to make a lite version or even how hardcoded is all the elements, could they easily be removed. And of course your permission to do so.
  3. poulern

    [PvP] Territory Domination

    Awesome, I'll see what i run across for now, and report if anything sticks out.
  4. poulern

    [PvP] Territory Domination

    Could i make a Project Awesome version with our mods to be used on our server(Semi private, maybe a seed event once). With all credits of course. I have no idea making this kind of mission on my own from scratch, but i have looked at editing it, so I'm just wondering if that's okay with you?