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    anyway...... seems tireur is not wrong when say support is not spending time on ARGO..... maybe all of them involved in release new arma's DLC (tanks) or not, I don't know, but from the end of January not a single word.........
  2. same all over the world! but.... it's nice to play as guest! :-(
  3. marcosxit

    Support modules

    not in mine. works till you have to pass coordinates for support choosen provider, but it's impossible to choose anyting
  4. marcosxit

    EDEN - Questions

    I have problems with support modules, tried to put a CAS request for heli, sincronizing QG module with Support Request Module and then Request with provider and player, and, finally provider with Heli. When I try to request all is good till when I have to select the heli.... for me it's impossible, as it would be unavaible
  5. marcosxit

    Syncing Modules in Eden

    well, my English is poor, so may be I'm failing some Hint, but I tried to trigger an object (radio antenna) existing on he map using nearestobject, putting in init of a gamelogic something like this tower1= nearestObject [3065.6,6189.7,0] (position logged from EDEN), and trigger activated by "!alive tower1" don't work for me..... sorry for my bad English again, but anyone can help me to understand where I'm wrong?