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  1. Ehhh...? This one is on the same page: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?159885-Warhammer-40-000-Arma-3-Conversion-Mod

    Maybe you should get in contact...

    EDIT: And here is another one. Although in the first link they say they are from the OFPWH40K mod, on the OFPWH40K board they say the wont do anything for ArmA III because "of Steam".

    I think there are some major communication issues. http://s1.zetaboards.com/OFPWH40K/forum/1705881/

  2. dbo Afghanistan (very large map, three versions with varying levels of clutter)

    A bit offtopic but: WTF is the deal with ArmA and the Su-27 family? Its like that plane is cursed! There are like five different versions out, all beautiful, but every single one also has like one tiny aspect that makes them unusable.

    There is the Su-33 by Gnat, which is actually perfect, but unfortunately it suffers a bit from being an OFP port.

    There is the Su-33 by Naoyuki, which has an amazingly detailed model....But no cockpit.

    Then there is the Su-27 by citizensnip. Very nice model too, very nice cockpit, no bugs....But also no weapons. Not even a gun.

    There is the Su-30 by Aushilfe, which, although an ArmA 1 release, has an equally beautiful model. It even has a nice cockpit and little details like working and animated Thrust-Vectoring, or an animated radarscreen, or a working MFD that actually displays which missiles you fired. But in ArmA II it has this big white "FUCK YOU"-box right inside your face: http://s1.directupload.net/images/130922/nsr7abqi.jpg

    And now the Su-30 by deanosbeano. Nice model yadda yadda, cockpit, weapons its all there....But only works in Take on Helicopters.

    Im NOT critizising the addon makers, hey I know you all have more important things to do, and sometimes hobby and real life collide. Its just funny that like five different people started working on the same plane, did all an equally great job, but before they could enter the final line of code the "Dark God of Sukhoi", who apparently suffers no addons created in his image, struck them with lightning :D

  3. Some large terrains for dogfighting:

    Kunar Province (similar to CLAfghan, far less clutter)

    Esbekistan (an excellent terrain with fantastic scenery in general, but too much clutter at airfields IMO)

    Sands (very austere desert map with a few basic airfields)

    Waves (a large map with several small islands, little to no clutter, comes packaged with Gnat's frigates and naval weapons)

    dbo Afghanistan (very large map, three versions with varying levels of clutter)

    PMC Desert (the big boy, 51km, very simplistic scenery, but fine for dogfighting)

    PMC Rattler (same as Desert, but 25km)

    Wow thanks for making such an extensive answer!

  4. Mainly (95%) is ported content from the previous games. Not stuff that has been exclusively worked for that game.

    And why should anyone care? I dont give a shit about how it got into the game, the only thing that matters is that it was THERE. Bohemia set a certain standard for ArmA II, and now they should have improved upon this standard with ArmA III. It doesnt matter if they ported models, or found a box of gold and could afford more 3D artists, or whatever.

    The only thing that matters is that customers expect improvement over the previous title, and if that improvement doesnt happen, they will be disappointed. And rightfully so.

    Fanboys like you would attach a huge note on every box, explaining to the customers in detail why this is missing and why that got not implemented and why this didnt made it into the game...But hey you are not allowed to be angry! There were REASONS! Yeah in the business world, it doesnt work like that. Customers are NOT your friends. They are people who give you money and want something in return for it.

  5. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=1386&highlight=TRACERS

    Yeah thats the one...Unforunatly its only for ArmA 1.

    I already checked all other Tracer and FX mods, and the only one that comes close is Blastcores Tracer addon. However even it doesnt manage to capture realistic Anti-Aircraft-fire as well as the original mod by ThePredator.

  6. I looked at DnA's profile, and all of his posts since September 2nd have been either about updates they are putting out, reasons why they weren't able to update on a given day and acknowledgements of community feedback. So since three days before you even registered there is no trace of him "insulting people left and right".

    Im sorry, I confused him with "DM", who is currently raiding every thread critical about ArmA 3.

    While he is only working for Bisimulations, its still not appropriate behaviour for someone affiliated so closely to Bohemia.

  7. UPDATE: Allright, Im now looking for islands in general that 1) are good for dogfighting, meaning they should have multiple mountains and canyons, and 2) decent perfomance, so that I can play with large view distances

    Clafghan was perfect, are there similar islands?


    Original question:


    Im a bit overwhelmed by all the maps released for ArmA 2 and OA. No way I can download them all to check them out. So I ask for your help: Which map has the highest / biggest mountains? Im looking for canyons, deep valleys and crevices.

    It should have a bit of plants and buildings, so no simple "terrain", like Rockets Aoraki/Mount Cook Island.

    Thanks in advance!

  8. Why bitch about only one plane in the game when 31 vehicles total isn't that much less than 48! Thanks for the evening's entertainment.


    The fanboys also forget that we not only have only 31 vehicles, but half of these are just reskins and cobbled together.

    Imagine Operation Flashpoint, with Soviets using Abrams and M60 tanks....

  9. we need moarz tanks nao!!!!!

    For me diverse factions are just as important as a campaign. Even more so actually. So yeah, "we need moarz tanks noa" is actually a valid demand, no matter how you try to ridicule it ;)

    Its a huge factor of immersion if I have to unique factions or "RANDOM FACTION WITH DARK CAMO" and "RANDOM FACTION WITH DIGITAL CAMO". Oh Im sorry, I mean "NATO" and "CSAT".

  10. I see two tanks with the same values for the Abrams. An OPFOR/Neutral/BLUFOR tank and a Russian MBT. Lots of BMP-2 variants. BMP-3 is unique for Russia again.

    You lost the argument pages ago. Now you are getting desparate O_O

    "Uh oh all those different vehicles dont count because...uhm...they have the same values...and that Apache is only an upgrade..Yeah".

  11. Deadlines. Besides, let's see what ArmA2 VANILLA had.... Two guerrilla factions, both using almost the exact same gear and barely different models. Basic infantry for USMC and Russia. Comparable to ArmA3, sans the semi-automatic shotgun.

    Let's compare USMC to NATO. "two" harriers, only difference was weaponry. Harrier and SU-34 were both updated from A1. F-35 was a new unique model. Two Abrams tanks, one of which has extra polygons and more protection. A bunch of humvee variants. A truck, a tractor for an aircraft carrier, and two derpy bikes which shouldn't have been added in the state they were in. Two APCs. Several static weapons. A truck. The static arty in A3 was replaced by a mobile SPG. So, what does ArmA2 have on A3 comparing NATO and USMC? Well, a few aircraft, an extra helicopter and more slight variants than NATO. And as for CDF? Most of their assets are borrowed from OPFOR and reskinned. And before you tell me about the Apache, it was in an update. It wasn't stock.


    Did you seriously just try to talk away all the vehicles that were included in the release of ArmA 2? Here: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2:_Vehicles

    That shit was all in ArmA 2. Vanilla. We had FIVE different Jets for fucks sake. Not speaking of all the other planes -_-

  12. Already asked if he could make a Fan Song radar array for the Sa2 Sam launcher , unfortunately the answer was no :(

    There's no real use that I can think of for these arrays except for eye candy?

    Citizensnip is making something that looks like another SAM radar. Dont think its a Fan Song though. http://i022.radikal.ru/1303/63/aac1fb86edd5.jpg

    If you have a bit of time you could create a SON-9 "Fire Can" radar. Its just a box on wheels with a parabolic antenna on top. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/99/Equipment-hatzerim-4-1.jpg. Was still the most widespread radar in use at that time, even though it only guided AAA guns.

    Well SAM radars dont work in ArmA of course. But they were like THE target in air raid missions, Wild Weasel and all. Would be a shame if they would be missing. Oh and someone actually was able to find a use for them. The 9S1 radar apparently boosts aquisition range for the SA-6 addon. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13860&highlight=RADAR

  13. and BIS acknowledges this effort back.

    How?? By releasing an unfinished product? By removing half the content and leaving place-holders in place? Reskins and Frankensteins instead of diverse armys?

    The thing people like you don't understand is that many people on this forum are not merely "customers". They are Community. They pour their time and creative talents into Arma,

    Ahhh and because we are a community we should be fanboys that mindlessly praise everything BIS does? Fuck no, Im a customer. I paid money and received an unfinished product.

  14. Please no F-35, or at least not solely. And yeah, no reskins as well.

    I remember RKSL Rock (the guy who made the Typhoon) once doodling around and creating a hypothetical chinese stealth-fighter (I think it was when no one knew how the J-20 actually looked like). BIS should just pay him to create a bunch of planes for them, I trust him way more to come up with some quality content than Bohemia "Lol just reskin it" Interactive.