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  1. @Fulcrum90

    What is wrong with you? Posting someones email here and actually stating people should spam that user.

    How low can you go............

    Its the contact displayed on his dev-heaven account - Which I linked before, but couldnt be opened evertrg87. Want to remove his dev-heaven account to, hm?

    Next time check before you act.

    EDIT: Oh and if users hadn't "spammed" (meaning: sending polite emails, just like I did), neither of these two addons would exist: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=12278&highlight=MIG-15 + http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14518&highlight=VF-1S

  2. Hello fulcrum90 , I know that screenshot is yours, I was looking in some forum before putting my comments and saw that you had the problem and there was not answer and found those pictures in your post..... i sento you a private message but not answer,then I put the comment

    What you say is true, that plane is perfect,i love it, I like it more than the official bohemian's planes, I try to write Aushilfe in various forums, private messages but no response i try https://dev-heaven.net/users/52 ,but my server set the page not exist , and hopefully reappear again Aushilfe in the community .. because their jobs are great ...

    thanks for answering

    and sorry for my english


    Send him a message...If enough people do it, maybe hell respond.

  3. Hello!

    I recently downloaded Aushilfe's Su-30. The plane is great, but the cockpit has a big gray square that doesn't let me see the outside world. It gives me an rvmat error with something about the su34 materials that it can't find.

    ¿Can anyone help me with this?

    ¿What am I missing?


    Hi! (Im the one who made that screenshot)

    The problem with this plane is that it was NOT made for ArmA 2 - But for ArmA 1. Therefore it has this texture error. It can only be solved by Aushilfe himself, however he is no longer active in this community.

    Really a shame, but thats the way it is.

    EDIT: Apparently he might still be here...Found some infos on some German forums. If enough people beg him, maybe he will update his Addon for ArmA 2. It would really be awesome, since his Su-30 is still one of the most impressive addons out there. Brilliant 3D model, perfect textures, and of course some very impressive scripts. (For example you can switch between two MFDs which display accurate weapons status).

    It worked for the VF-1S Valkyrie and the MiG-15 too. Both were ArmA 1 addons that got ported after several people begged and wrote the original authors.

    Here is his email (From Dev.Heaven): https://dev-heaven.net/users/52

    And here is his beautiful jet: http://s7.directupload.net/images/131123/zo5b54f9.jpg

  4. Sorry for digging up this old thread, but I have a strange tracer-bug occuring with this addon.

    The Vulcans are basically shooting cherry-bonbons:


    However another addon, the ZSU-23 that comes with the SA-6 pack, shoots lemons:


    Any ideas? I think another addon is to blame, but I cant figure out which. Only one that comes to mind is WarFX by Blastcore, but I removed it and still bonbons :(

  5. Im looking for all infantry addons that either feature gasmasks or those riot gear / SWAT helmets with a comlete visor: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111219220649/zombie/images/9/9c/Riot_Gear.jpg

    So far I only have the "Project Paranoia" Troops: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13984

    I also have this screenshot, but couldnt pinpoint the exact addon: http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/11657-smg1.jpg

  6. I never heard the "ARMA IS NO SIMULATOR!!!" arguments before the release of ArmA III....Back then you would have gotten flamed to the ground if you had called ArmA anything else than a "Military Simulator". It even was on the box of the game...

    And now? "Hey when my helicopter comes crashing down from 10.000 feet it suddenly activates some kind of anti-grav engines...". "AND? ARMA IS NO SIMULATOR!!!! IS PERFECT GAME! ALL HAIL BIS!!!".

  7. I give absolutely no permission to use any part of Project RACS in any other mode or addon. I expressly forbid any reskins, changes, or any other molestation of my files.

    Absolutely no forward porting, backward porting anything of that nature.

    While I am grateful for all the time and effort you put into one of the best mods for ArmA: Many of "your" addons were donations and ports...Do you really want to use double-standards and deny these addons the possibility to live on? Especially considering ArmA III could use some more vehicles?

    I dont want to offend you...Again all the time you spend with RACS proves its really your mod and your addons, but still, would RACS be in the same state it is now without donations and ports?

  8. I just read your signature...You really have given up do you? "ARMA 3 IS ONLY THE BASE FOR COMMUNITY CONTENT ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A COMPLETE GAME"

    Releasing an unfinished game is one thing, but releasing something unfinished and then saying "Uh its supposed to be that way...We never intended to do anything more" is a slap in the face of long-time fans who are around since OFP -_-

    Fuck this makes me angry. BIS had problems, you were forced to release ArmA III early, allright I wont give you heat for that. BIS isnt EA or Activision after all. The 60$ price tag still upsets me, but ok whatever. BUT: Instead of being honest, telling the community that you know you basically released a Beta as a complete game, and giving us a transparent explanation of what to expect for the future, you now start this apologistic bullshit about how the community was always supposed to complete the game. No matter how important addons and community content are, I still expect a rich and diverse game as a foundation, and everyone can see ArmA 3 is far from it. From reskinned vehicles re-using the same parts to the abysmal perfomance, ArmA 3 is not what I thought it would be. And seeing the general tone in this and other forums: Neither does the community.

    Therefore: Talk to us. Give us a clear roadmap of what to expect regarding future plans & content. Im ready to wait another six months and pay more money for DLCs, but I want a clear picture of what to expect. I DONT want to read signature by BIS employees bullshitting me about the current state of the game.

  9. Yep, I think we may as well disregard that "review". I certainly am. And before someone says but he has some good points... read the whole review again and then tell me he knows what he is talking about.

    Of course you do....I on the other hand welcome that more and more reviews are critical. The biggest german Gameschannel on TV (formerly with MTV) also said ArmA III is nice, but for 60$ its unfinished and empty.

    And it is.

  10. Ha amazing. Funny thing, the Combine could now actually serve a dual role as some kind of realistic mercenary / OPFOR group. They dont look that SciFi anymore compared to the other Arma III stuff.

    I mean ArmA III now has reached that "Metal Gear" and "Half-Life" level of SciFi, thats still "kind of" realistic and using parts of todays tech.