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  1. Ok, the gunner of the binoculars. Makes sense. :D Thanks a bunch.
  2. Hello again, Im looking for the best way to add a "laser" to a player / vehicle. The laser is expect to work like a laser pointer gun attachement, except it should be visible by day too. For now I have two possibilities : 1) Using "drawLine3D". But it needs a script that permanently redraws it so it follows the object its attached to, and it doesnt look nice (width & all). Also im not sure if it would work on an MP server (pretty sure I would have to call the high-rate script on all clients, which sounds bad). 2) Using custom resources. Adding a looooong mesh with no collisions that I would add as a game object. Except I dont know how to add objects / how such a modification is handled by clients : would that require a mod or can that be included in the mission's files ? Thanks for your help.
  3. Is it possible to check if the player is *using* (not just having in inventory or in hand) zoom items such as rifle scope, binoculars, laser designator ... ?
  4. Thanks for your input. Im already taking care of the dead bodies, I just wanted to know if I could afford leaving enemy vehicles arround so players can use them. I guess its a yes to some extent.
  5. The title sums it up : How bad are server performances affected by the number of live abandoned vehicles on the map ? For instance if you have about 20 of them. Do the engine have to manage much about them when they're empty & immobile ?
  6. Just to make it clear, what you're suggesting is to do this ? - GuyA shoots a projectile - Mark the projectile with a setVariable owner GuyA - bullet its GuyB - check owner variable of projectile The problem is that "damaged" event does not returns a projectile object, so you cant getvariable it. I see there's a "hit" event too, that returns the object causing the damage, but 1) by the look of it I guess it returns the shooter - so it will not work for a spawned bullet, 2) it seems unreliable as it can be skipped if "not enough" damage is done, 3) Im not sure if it comes before or after damage management and I feel like getting information from one event to another would be quite dirty somehow. So im still not sure what to do :P Das Attorney : Aww, you scratched the cheers about the website :( Now that I think of it I should have it in signature. Ill add it now. (And for the question : in this case im trying to spawn an extra bullet with each bullet shoot)
  7. I mean who shot the bullet indeed. Usually its easy to know who shot a bullet in an eventHandler, but in this case there's im creating a bullet out of the blue. To be clear : 1- Player shoots a first (legit) bullet. 2- Scripts create a second bullet going roughly the same way as the first bullet. damaged eventHandler will naturally report a shooter for the first bullet. However the second one has no shooter, as it was created and not actually shot by somebody. I want to know if I can assign a shooter to that extra bullet, so my eventHandler will know who "shot" it.
  8. YattaYatta

    Soldier protection (dev branch)

    Im scripting a mission with some special damage behavior (damage bonuses & others). While working on it, I noticed the damage handling on soliders in Arma 3 is really weird. The problem: Event handler for "damaged" registers multiples times for a diverse set of body parts. For instance, if you shoot at the leg, you have good chances of having the event handler telling you "head" has been hit for minor damage. Same goes for shooting any body part : a seemingly random number of other body parts will be considered hit and managed by the eventHandler. This makes it hard to determine what body part was actually hit, and to add on-hit effects (as the eventHandler is fired multiple times per hit). The damage distribution is also weird : Sometimes "head" will take more damage than the actually hit body part. This weird behavior has been reported on the bug report system more than 7 months ago, it has been confirmed by quite a few users, yet it has not been acknowledged or assigned. Apparently it causes trouble for players as well as mission/mod makers. So my question are : Are the developers aware of this, and are they working on it ? Or is it this the intended behavior ? (though it would seems hard to believe that a shoot to the foot or to the hand triggering head damage is the intended behavior) I also have a question regarding the killing blow : How does the game decide a bullet will kill the player ? This doesnt seem as simple as "damage > X" : when testing an armor system, I could reduce damage taken by about 70% and the player damage after each hit would go like this : [...] -> 0.4 -> 0.5 -> 0.6 -> DEAD. Reducing even the damage received, it would go like this : [...] -> 0.87 -> 0.89 -> 0.91 -> DEAD. I suppose this means that death is triggered when you're damaged for more than X% of your remaining life ? Are there official any documentation on how the damage systems works ? This would be usefull for both players & mission/mod makers.
  9. Hello. Im trying to do fancy things with weapons, and one of those requires me to manually spawn a bullet. So far I can "shoot" the right bullet (same as current weapon) from from of the player, in the vectorDir direction. What I am missing : - Shooting the bullet from the actual muzzle of the gun. For now Im shooting it from 1 meter in front of the player, so at very close range its inaccurate. - An actual aiming vector. vectorDir does not return a Z parameter - direction is flattened. - Defining the "source" of the bullet. If that bullet kills an enemy, I need to know who "shot" it. Also can you call a "setDamage" function with a source parameter for the same reason ? [edit] As usual, no matter how much time you spent on the problem you find (part of) the solution just after asking for help on the forum. Since im using a "fired" eventHandler, I figured out I could simply copy the provided projectile parameter's velocity and position to my new projectile. However I still have no clue how to define the projectile's source, or a setDamage source.
  10. Awesome, this fullfil my needs. Thanks to both of you.
  11. You need to have "-showScriptErrors" in your arma executable launch options. Check google if unsure. This will display script errors ingame. Also check "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Arma 3" for the latest .rpt file, it contains a log of the errors and other stuff.
  12. Hello, Is there a place where I can find all the possibilities to show message on the interface ? for now I know of Hint, dialogs and simpleTasks. Are there others options ? The main thing Im looking for is a way to send information to specific players or group of players in a non control-taking way, and with a buffer a new notification doesnt overwrite so previous one too soon. I can script the buffer system, and I guess I could hack the task system somehow to do the notification, but is there no better way ?
  13. Did you enable the display of script errors ? No script error showing ? Check that first. If there's no error and your soldiers didnt spawn, a few possibilities : - A condition to allow the spawn was not met in the script - Everything works but the number of units to be spawned is set to 0 for some reason - They do spawn, but somewhere else on the map
  14. Hey IndeedPete, I just battle with that myself. Wanted my soldiers to stay in a truck no matter what until i said otherwise, and it was harder than I though. Here's what I did on each passenger : on each unit : _x assignAsCargo _car; _x moveInCargo _car; _x disableAI "MOVE"; on the group : _grp setCombatMode "BLUE"; _grp setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _grp allowFleeing 0; on the vehicle _car lockCargo true; _car lock true; _car lockDriver true; And undo all that when you want to "free" your soldiers. Some of this may be excessive but Ive lost much time trying to make this *ù$ù%^$*ù of script work so im not going to search for what can be cleaned up. Note : Locking the vehicle will prevent you to put units in it, so you have to unlock it everytime you add soldiers and lock it again just after that.
  15. Bump, starting simpler : - How to prevent AI from disembarking a vehicle, no matter what ? Apprently this is not enough : _passUnit disableAI "Move"; _car lockDriver true; _car lockCargo true; _car lock true; adding _passGrp setBehaviour "CARELESS"; fixed it.