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  1. Same problem here, but if 2 players join at the same time we are both in our underwear at start. It only works if 1 player joins at start and no JIP. I'm also using BIS_fnc_initRespawn = {true}; in the init to prevent random spawn with random kit.:confused: I've tested with the console in-game, 2 players connected to a dedicated server. _cfgEcho4 = missionconfigfile >> "cfgrespawninventory" >> "ECHO4"; [this, _cfgEcho4] call bis_fnc_loadinventory; Server button = nothing Global button = you see the uniform load for a second and then back to underwear Local button = the kit loads as expected So it seems that the function has to be called locally. And I am not sure but the unit init must be firing the function globally/publically which must somehow affect the other kits and you can't put local variables in the unit init (example _cfg instead of cfg). I tried running BIS_fnc_loadInventory in initPlayerLocal.sqf but no go. when I put _cfg = missionconfigfile >> "cfgrespawninventory" >> "ECHO4"; [unitNameHere, _cfg] call bis_fnc_loadinventory; into the initServer for non-playable units, it works as intended. EDIT: corrected error in code for initServer
  2. Figures, I looked for an hour or so before I posted. Then I found it. It was under Configure > Game > General Tab > Helicopter Flight Model = Advanced
  3. How do i turn on the variometer? I'm running Dev Branch. I looked through all the controls for the key, but cant find. Should it automatically activate when i get in a heli? thank
  4. sarlack

    How to use removecuratoraddons?

    I was able to get it to work by disabling just the APERS Mines. Just set the cost for the mines to be higher than the zeus meter can pay for or set the cost to blank/nothing in the OpenOffice Calc cell (not 0). Alleycat: Make sure you set the numbers for the APERS mines in ModuleMine_APERSMine_F, ModuleMine_APERSBoundingMine_F & ModuleMine_APERSTripMine_F part of A3_Modules_F_Curator_Mines. NOT APERSMine, APERSBoundingMine & APERSTripMine part of A3_Weapons_F_Explosives. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Make sure your curator is set to disabled for the addons in the map editor. 2. You can use BIS_fnc_exportCuratorCostTable to generate an .ods file. (I tried with .xls but excel was not recognizing the formulas, I downloaded the free OpenOffice to work with the .ods format.) 3. Copy the cells in OpenOffice Calc to your init.sqf file and use the function BIS_fnc_curatorObjectRegisteredTable to load them into the game. [curatorName, ['B_Soldier_F',1,'B_Soldier_lite_F',1,'',0]] call bis_fnc_curatorObjectRegisteredTable; 4. You then need to add the addons in initServer.sqf using the function bis_fnc_manageCuratorAddons. Link to CfgPatches CfgVehicles https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgPatches_CfgVehicles [curatorName, "A3_Characters_F_BLUFOR"] call bis_fnc_manageCuratorAddons; 5. You can change the numbers for the costs in the init.sqf file (after pasting the addons from the .ods), no need to use the .ods file unless you want to modify a bunch of things again. Note: the modules I am using in the editor are 4x "game masters" each with a "set camera position", "add editable objects" & "add editing area". 2x "manage resources", one to fill the zeus meter and one to replenish it. If you are having trouble getting the BIS_fnc_exportCuratorCostTable function to work. here is the init.sqf & initServer.sqf for all of the addons it also has the coefficient settings using setCuratorCoef in the initServer.sqf file (you can set this to what ever you want). http://www.mediafire.com/download/gihzb84odnb68l1/Arma3.zip The zip file now includes SarlackCuratorTables.ods (you can use this to set the costs), init.sqf & initServer.sqf with All empty vehicles and soldiers set to their side. :638: I suggest reading http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?173350-Zeus-Documentation by Karel Mořický EDIT2: I change the instructions to match what Nashable suggested below. (THANKS!)
  5. sarlack

    How to use removecuratoraddons?

    Yeah, I guess it only works for the the addon. but for now you can set the costs. I am still figuring it out myself but here is the link https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Curator#Using_Cost_Tables
  6. Problem was I was using a unit for my Zeus curator, when i switch it to a Virtual Entity, it works as expected.
  7. sarlack

    How to use removecuratoraddons?

    Put the code in the initPlayerLocal.sqf. I tested removing all the soldiers with this... My_Curator removeCuratorAddons ["A3_Characters_F_Civil","A3_Characters_F_BLUFOR","A3_Characters_F_OPFOR","A3_Characters_F_INDEP","A3_Characters_F_Gamma","A3_Characters_F_EPA","A3_Characters_F_EPC","A3_Data_F_Curator_Characters"]; Result was only empty vehicles and some UAV's for that curator. EDIT: If you are using a dedicated server, put the code in initPlayerServer.sqf instead
  8. sarlack

    How to use removecuratoraddons?

    Is bis_curator the name you put in the curator module, in the map editor? And where are you executing the function from?
  9. If I create a Zeus curator for the civilian or the resistance side, they can't move anything I place. When the mission starts they only have markers available. I can add items to them with "curator addCuratorAddons []", but after I place something into the Zeus interface the icon disappears and i can not do anything to the item that was placed. Zeus works OK for WEST & EAST sides. Do I need to give the civilian & resistance sides some kind of permission in the init.sqf or something? Thanks:confused: