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    From the Ashes

    everytime something like this happens, we get militarized and security becomes heightened, then years pass and things go back to normal. that's why the whole "bring out troops home and secure the border" argument is a joke. that's why launching a few cruise missiles at medicine factories after the first wtc attack was proof of clinton's(ie the savior of the left) idiocy and ineptitude. you cannot maintained heightened security indefinitely. the enemy will attack only once we leave our guard down. the best solution is to rout the enemy and remove their ability to stage further attacks. after the tablian was defeated, we had no further attacks form them. zero.
  2. a grey repaint with lion logo slapped everywhere.
  3. rainbow six, ghost recon. basically all the good tom clancy tactical shooters before ubisoft went full retard. now that takedown looks like a bad joke and arma 3's a failure, i'm probably going to have to brush up on my ue3 skills since this game will be my new modding playground.
  4. terrible performance? claim it's because your 13 year old engine is too awesome and requires a future computer to run. profit.
  5. suprememodder

    BI provided CaMSO - Cultivate The-Next-Big-Thing

    or they could just release the arma 2 p3ds to the community
  6. actually there were a few of little cool thing mia from the full release seemingly for no apparent reason. shotguns, as you mentioned. a shemagh(seen in a screenshot of a crewman), female civilian(s). the fact that they were shown very early on doesn't make sense either, you'd think they'd have been polished and completed. and these are just the things that were noticed.
  7. suprememodder

    Petition to have a Kozlowski cameo appearance in Arma 3

    armstrong should be a colonel by now right?
  8. suprememodder

    When will the nVidia Arma 3 optimized drivers come?

    so it seems this is as good as it gets for the real virtuality engine?
  9. suprememodder

    When will the nVidia Arma 3 optimized drivers come?

    to be honest, the cpu optimization, ie multie thread implementation was the first thing they should have worked on for the game. i'm seeing almost no improvement from arma 2 oa.
  10. i think that would require them to have at least some expectation or desire to see those features. but it's clear they're satisfied with what they have. a buggy, sluggish battlefield wannabe with less fluid movement.
  11. suprememodder

    Is the game dumbed down?

    yep, and your legs don't move when you're using a turret or in one of those intermediate stances.
  12. suprememodder

    When will the nVidia Arma 3 optimized drivers come?

    are you using a quad core cpu?
  13. suprememodder

    Body armor

    good lord. red river was better wounding system than arma 3?
  14. suprememodder

    When will the nVidia Arma 3 optimized drivers come?

    the game still uses stencil shadows....in the year 2013. something tells me bis isn't the most savvy on these matters.
  15. it's the least they could do.
  16. suprememodder

    Shotguns in ArmA 3?

    how else are they going to sell those things back to us as dlcs?
  17. in other words, experiences my vary, aka it's just a placebo effect.
  18. suprememodder

    Defragging your hard drive.

    i just bought a 256gb ssd. tired of messing around with all this defrag crap.
  19. suprememodder

    Petition to have a Kozlowski cameo appearance in Arma 3

    only if it made sense, like if he's an older lieutenant.
  20. suprememodder

    CPU for Arma3

    you only need two cores since that's all the game uses. although every other game though there uses 4 cores now so you're kind of shooting yourself in the foot. but be advised using a 4 core to play this game means only 2 cores will be utilized, yielding less performance than if you simply had a dual core that was being fully utilized. actually, if you have a good sound card, you can play this game with one cor.e since the second core is only used for sound processing. welcome to 2013
  21. suprememodder

    Poorly Optimized in Official Release?

    1 core for everything, an extra thread on the second core for sound. meanwhile quad cores became standard 2 years ago.
  22. suprememodder

    Basic Income, a new human right

    rewarding lazy and unaccountable people probably isn't the brightest idea socialism has introduced.
  23. suprememodder

    A relaistic Modern OPFOR

    i've looked on their website. very high quality units. it's just a shame they seem to have based the proportions off of a high school baskeball player. super scrawny.
  24. suprememodder

    Takedown: Red Sabre

    just goes to show no matter how much apparent demand there is, how much promise there is, and how much experience and dedigree there is. a much anticipated game can reveal itself to be dogturd just weeks before release. this may be the game that cures me of pre-ordering. seriously, can't trust any devs these days.