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  1. im also getting low fps no matter what settings i change. all from low to very high dont change my fps at all. just the same lame 25-30 fps makeing SP campaign a pain to do. i know its sp mission etc. but also happens in multiplayer and been an issue since beta for me. despite hardware upgrade from back then to now. just the same old fps cap at 30 -.- no change with Zero mods or alot still 30 fps cap.. Yes Vsync is off at all times.. I7-9700k (stock) RTX 2080 (stock) 3800Mhz 16gb ram 500gb SSD (only arma 3 and mods are installed there atm) Win 10 ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-H GAMING (bios updated to support my current cpu)
  2. could be due to the overhaul of the AI and difficulty tweaks. try run the game with 1 mod enabled at a time. this might take time depends on how many mods you have but that should lead you to the one you need to disable and find an update for =) but hey. atleast its just a mod that gives you thous issues and not something wierd within the game it self :P
  3. hmm do you have any ai mods on? could be that. you might want to delete your config file in your documents to reset all settings maybe something there messed up. But all i can think of is probbely a mod of somesort you are running that does that. els you might wanna try a complete reinstall of the game. when you have uninstalled arma 3 do check under your documents for anything Arma 3 related and delete that aswell. just backup your save games. mods etc you want to keep. then reinstall the game completly fresh and do not run any mods when its done and try it again and see if the problem still fail around. if it does that im blank on what it could be wrong. you can also try other mallocs to see if they do anything. wops forgoth. there have been issues with ultra Texture (Memory leak) i still have that problem since 1.58 patch and need to run on very high to not run out of ram. and i have 32gb. anywho, hope it will help a bit =)
  4. Hey champ im not sure if this will work for ya. i had same issues for awhile and i had to change the malloc. give it a try and change it to "tbb4malloc_bi" if that aint helping then try it again but without any mods what so ever. just for the testing and see if it helps. Hope it will do the trick for ya =)
  5. if you use an i7 use the enable ht. if amd use the -Cpucount 8 and disable core parking.
  6. Zipet

    saved games

    i have very same issue and for a long time
  7. i have to agree with Llano on the amd cpu part. i have had an amd fx-8350 4.2ghz and it was just awfull for arma 3 have trid so many things that it will tkae ages to list. the best i could come up with was 30 fps more or less in multiplayer and about 35-40 fps singleplayer but mostly 30 fps. best tip i can give you is unpark your cores. use the core command in the startup of arma. onyl command that really help for some users. if you really want to improve arma 3 on that cpu you have to consider overclocking it a bit to about 4.8ghz that should give you about 10 fps more but thats it. so if you are up for the risk go for it. but really. scrap a few bucks together and get an intel cpu. trust me amd just suck for arma 3 compared to intel! my intel i7-4790k stock speed blast arma 3 with about 50-60 fps very rarely hits 40 fps.
  8. i have had that issue a few times. annoying fix is to reset all your key binds.
  9. my fps starts to degress to 30-40 fps with about 250+ fighting and smoke fire etc starts to pops up
  10. in sp its better about 50-55 fps no change what so ever from low as low can get and ultra with 8.000vd same fps 8.000 vd is a bit overkill i use 3500 to keep fps at least some way playable still not optimal as close firefights i lose all the time due to the small fps drops in city's
  11. i have upgradet my pc spec from amd fx-8350 stock 4ghz water cooled to an I7-4790k 5ghz water cooled around 45degress while playing still haveing low fps with 10+ ai's so i rarely play multiplayer as its just flat out awfull about 30-40fps even with evrything on low and at 1000vd. spec. Mobo - MSI Z97 Gaming 7 Cpu - I7 4790K 5Ghz water cooled 40-45 degress while playing Ram - Gskill 1866 16gb Gpu - Gtx 780ti 3gb 1200Mhz 30-50 degress while playing Psu - 800W gold OS - Windows 8.1 Pro Arma 3 installed on a SSD so is the OS
  12. Zipet

    Connection failed steam

    it did nothing. i just tried a complete reinstall of win 8.1pro and still have same issue.
  13. Zipet

    Connection failed steam

    useing fiber with no routher connected at all to see if that does anything and no it does nothing still same issue. and no anti virus is on while testing. and no steam workshop thingy complete clearn install on both both of us cant join 95% of all servers mods or not same thing.
  14. Zipet

    Connection failed steam

    any dev or something that can give a hint on whats going on?